Today's New Year's Eve: New Year customs and more, no less dumplings (1)

  , Also known as a rule, in addition to the night, in addition to the age, large dark day, the last day of the lunar year at night, that is, one day before the Spring Festival evening。Lunar month, mostly big month for thirty days, is also known as New Year's Eve, New Year's Eve, New Year's Eve, New Year's Eve night。
While December is when Satsuki Eve day, some areas will renamed twenty-nine Dusk。
"Eve" in the "other" is the meaning of the word "go", meaning "easy", i.e. alternately; "Xi" is the meaning of the word "sunset", meaning "Night"。Thus "New Year's Eve" will contain the old year and in addition to the secondary evening, tomorrow another one in the age that is the meaning of。  Ping dumplings ingredients: two hundred grams of flour, two eggs, shrimp thirty grams, fifty grams lean pork meat, onion, ginger all a little soy sauce escape amount of salt two grams, a little sesame oil。
  Method: 1, the onions, ginger cut into foam, eggs into the bowl。
  2, pan lit put a little hot oil, into the eggs, the eggs pan rotation spread into the shells, chopped with a knife after the pan into the meat, shrimp, soy sauce ,, onion, ginger Mo and a little salt, the last few drops of sesame oil Linru, three fresh meat stir Serve。  3, with the production method of 3,4 meat dumplings。  Features: delicious, nutritious。
  4, chop vegetables: Select family favorite vegetables, usually with cabbage, add a little chives。
Whisk together the first hot cabbage in boiling water about, remove and chopped into the pot, pour cooking oil, sprinkle with chives and cut into fine。
Then stir into the meat, it is best to taste the taste of salty, if necessary, stir together salt, stuffing on the well。  Note: Some people are accustomed to juicing vegetables before stuffing mix, so that nutrition and flavor will be greatly reduced。In the case of juice is not too much, just mix in chopped vegetables in oil, is wrapped in a layer of film, it is not easy to encounter salt water up。
  5, roll skin: Remove wake dough is divided into several uniform size, acquire a remaining back into the pot, covered with a lid or cover with a towel also to prevent water evaporation。
The small parts of the dough, kneading growth strip (cylindrical type), a short knife cut into short (about width), each piece flat knead。
Take a rolling pin to roll the time, pay attention to the middle of thick edge thin, intermediate thick filling to prevent leakage, edge thin tastes good taste。
  Note: Do not look leather roll a lot, to see the speed of dumplings, usually surplus to 5,6, or else a long time the skin dry and bad package。
  6, cook: a pot of water, stir boil, add students, aside while stirring to anti-sticking pan。Submerged in the water layer thickness of the lower layer dumplings and its height above the pan, not exceeding 3: 2 preferably。
Too many dumplings, easy to break。
Plus lid。Stir to keep the whole process。Water and boil, then dumplings should all be floating in the water, add a little cold water to make soup termination tumbling tumbling, stirring。And open water, add a little cold water, stir。The water on again, you can use a colander to remove and dumplings。
Methods to determine whether or not cooked: with your fingers press the skin did not break the child's belly dumplings, leave and then muster, cooked。