Fatty liver 7 things to do, get rid of the disease (1)

  Physical examination was found more and more people now, the United States, "online encyclopedia" (eHow) website states had fatty liver, be sure to do the following seven things: ① can not drink ②③ try to avoid eating a variety ④ fat and fried foods to eat organic food ⑤ ⑥ ⑦ supplement important amino acid protein intake。
  Is due to liver cells to various causes excessive accumulation of fat disease, is a common liver pathology, rather than an independent disease。Fatty liver disease is a serious threat to people's health, becoming the second largest after the viral liver disease, the incidence continues to rise, and increasingly younger age of onset。Normal human liver tissues contain a small amount of fat, such as triglycerides, phospholipids, glycolipids and cholesterol, the liver weight of about 3% by weight?Five percent, liver fat accumulation if too much, more than 5% by weight or liver histology in 50% or more fatty degeneration of liver cells, fatty liver can be called。
The clinical manifestations mild asymptomatic, severe illness ferocious。In general, fatty liver is reversible disease, early diagnosis and prompt treatment often return to normal。  Incentives 1.  Weight is proportional to the degree of liver fat accumulation。30%?50% of the combined disease, severe obesity fatty liver disease rate as high as 61%?94%。
Obese people after weight under control, it also decreased or disappeared fatty infiltration。  2.Long-term alcohol alcoholic liver biopsy, 75%?95% with fatty infiltration。
It was also observed that drinking more than 80 a day?160 g of the rate of growth of alcoholic 5?25 times。  3.Fast fasting, excessive dieting or other measures to lose weight fast can cause a significant increase in lipolysis in the short term, consumption of liver glutathione (GSH), the liver MDA and a significant increase in lipid peroxidation, liver damage cells, leading to。  4.Malnutrition malnutrition protein deficiency is an important cause, more common in inadequate feeding or digestive disorders, can not be synthesized apolipoprotein that liver triglyceride accumulation, the formation of fatty liver。  5.Diabetics about 50% may occur, which is a multi-adult patients。Because adulthood diabetes 50%?80%, their plasma insulin levels and increased plasma fatty acid, both with variable degree of obesity, but also related to the excessive consumption of fat or sugar。
  6.  Some or chemical toxins caused by inhibition of protein synthesis, such as tetracycline, adrenocorticotropic hormone, puromycin, cyclohexylamine, emetine and arsenic, lead, silver, mercury,。
Lipid-lowering drugs may also be formed by the metabolism of fatty liver lipoprotein interference。  7.In a first plurality pregnancy Pregnancy 34?40 weeks after onset, severe illness, poor prognosis, maternal and infant mortality of 80% and 70%, respectively。
  8.Other tuberculosis, bacterial pneumonia and sepsis may also occur when infected with viral hepatitis if excessive restrictions on activities, coupled with the intake of high-sugar, high-calorie diet, easy accumulation of fat in liver cells; receiving corticosteroid treatment, fatty liver more prone。
There are high outside the so-called parenteral nutrition fatty liver, toxic fatty liver, hereditary diseases caused by fatty liver, etc.。