Prevention of lung cancer, we must bear in mind these six methods (1)

  Also known as primary lung cancer is a very common evil cancer, mortality and morbidity close, high age of 40?60 years old。
We all know that smoking is harmful to health, there is indeed a relationship between lung cancer and smoking。
Smoking causes lung cancer the chances greatly increase the chance of lung cancer in smokers the chance of lung cancer than non-smokers high-powered。Easy smokers get lung cancer, does not mean that smokers will get lung cancer, smokers will not will not get lung cancer。Lung cancer is the result of many factors, such as smoking, passive smoking, occupational exposure, air pollution, family history and other。The key to prevent lung cancer is to develop and adhere to a healthy lifestyle。
Here are several ways to prevent lung cancer。
  1, smoking is prohibited and control。  The main reason is due to the incidence of long-term smoking, quitting smoking is the most effective way to prevent lung cancer。
Quit earlier, more significantly reduced incidence of lung cancer。
In addition to quitting smoking, while avoiding secondhand smoke。
Not active smoking, passive smoking and do not。
  2, to maintain a healthy and cheerful attitude。  The objective of risk factors is important, but we should be concerned about our state of mind, a laugh, happy every day。To keep my good mood, not without reason。Once a person's mood is low, the body's immune system will drop, so that the virus can take advantage of。  3, eat fresh fruits and vegetables。  Fresh fruits and vegetables every day is essential, fruit lower cholesterol, prevent constipation, anti-oxidation, promote heart health, and many other benefits that can be effective in helping to prevent cancer。Each fruit is a little less, a little more kind。  4, away from the radiation。
  When working in a toxic environment, should take appropriate precautions to reduce occupational hazards; avoid indoor smoke pollution and decoration, and pay attention to good ventilation of the kitchen; furthermore, should stay away from radiation。  5, more exercise。  From its start, increase the body's ability to fight an attack, such as more exercise, every morning for fifteen to twenty minutes of chest and lung function of exercise, so can be a good sewage voicing, prevent lung cancer。
  6, regular medical examinations。  Prevention, attention to physical examination, cough is lung cancer patients the earliest and most common symptom。Since the onset of a cold or bronchitis often similar, so easily ignored。So, where in the past no chronic respiratory diseases of people, especially those over 40 years of age, after active treatment, more than a cough lasting more than three weeks, should be alert lung cancer may, subject to further examination。