Hong Kong's South Island Line opening "fully automated and driverless" cited concern

  December 28, MTR South Island Line opened to traffic。 Xinhua News Agency reporters Lv Xiao and Wei She Xinhua News Agency December 28 (Reporter Dongfang Qi) MTR South Island Line 28 opened to traffic。 This line runs through the north and south of Hong Kong Island, subway service will cover the Southern District。 It is worth mentioning that China's first four automatic (GOA4) driverless subway also officially put into operation on this line。   China's first driverless metro GOA4 level of public concern cited SIL is about 7 km, a top speed of 80 km, the original communication Admiralty Island Line station and the South Island South Horizons Station, Ocean Park route , Wong Chuk Hang, Lei Tung three stations。 The most important feature is not driving trains across the board, increasing both ends of the open-space train, passengers enjoy special travel experience。
  New Central train car CNR development, and manufacturing company, is China's first fully automated driverless metro vehicles GOA4 level。
  At 5:55 on the 28th, the first train MTR South Island Line departure from South Horizons, many hoped to witness history in Hong Kong arrived early outside the subway station。
Among them, Mr. Huang, who lives in Fanling in order to experience fully automated driverless train, it is 1:00 begins at home starting line up outside the station。   After the subway station gate opening, the long-awaited public flocked to train about 100 people honor of being the first class passenger South Island Line。   Reporters saw, in the case of a seat on the bus to go first in the past, most of the car will go on the front or rear passenger South Island Line, fully automated driverless train for a closer look。   Together with their children ride the South Island Line Ms. Zhang said that this was the first time they take the driverless metro, train children for no cab very curious。 She also said that although the unmanned train, but the trains run smoothly the whole, very safe sitting in the car。   Application of high technology to bring new high-tech convenience has also brought a lot of convenience for residents along the South Island Line。 Dai, who lives in Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong Island, said the opening of the South Island Line greatly reduced his working hours, from home to the Admiralty previously required at least 30 minutes, now take the South Island Line to only 11 minutes。   Citizens get the same convenient and there are many Dai。
Mr. Lee, who lives in South Horizons, said the opening of the South Island Line will greatly ease the traffic pressure Aberdeen Tunnel, for all residents of the Southern District of Gospel。   Reporters found that due to the seated occupant SIL mostly live in the Southern District of "workers", so after 8 o'clock in the morning, in addition to originating station to other stations on the South Peninsula only a few passengers to get on the train。   Passengers Mr Tsang said that although the South Island Line train an average of 3 minutes there is one, but only three cars of the train design probably can not meet the travel needs of residents of the Southern District in the future, especially during rush hour。
He hoped that the MTRCL be ready to deal with congestion may occur in the future。
  To promote the industry in addition to facilitating the Southern District for the Southern District of residents commuting, opened the SIL will also promote the development of tourism in Southern District。 Among them, set up a special site of Ocean Park is one of the beneficiaries。
  According to reporter observed, then at 11 o'clock on the 28th, stop in Ocean Park visitors, especially the "little visitors" will be gradually increased。
Past, visitors to the marine park to transfer to a bus at Admiralty station, and then after about 30 minutes to reach by car。 Now arriving from Admiralty Marine Park subway station just take 1, it took only 3 minutes。
  In addition, some traditional cultural tourism projects from the Southern District could with the opening of the South Island Line and the rise。 According to Chairman of the Hong Kong Island South District Council Zhu Qinghong introduced, Southern District itself has a rich cultural tourism, including to commemorate the writer Xiao Hong built sculpture "birds thirty-one", the traditional fishermen culture, Hung Shing Yeh birthday, etc., will be future highlights objects Southern District tourism projects。
  Zhu Qinghong expected, the opening of the MTR South Island Line will bring a 20% increase in the amount of tourists in some tourist projects in Southern District, she also hopes to become the SIL Southern District citizens to show their unique charm of "cultural routes" in the future。
Editor: Shao Yuxiang。