Magic fall short of Warcraft 21 + 15 Eagle Heights defend the home occupied by 2-1

  Joe – Johnson scored 21 points for the Hawks, Josh – Smith 15 points and 10 rebounds, Al – Horford 13 points and seven rebounds。   "Warcraft" Dwight – Howard scored 21 points and 15 rebounds, Jameel – Nelson 13 points, Jason – Richardson 14 points and nine rebounds, "Ah Q" Richardson 3 3-pointers , 9 points。
  Horford also remember the 2008 playoffs, the Hawks home game, the face of the Celtics, winning all three of them at home, dragged into the seventh game of the Celtics。 Although the Eagles final folding wings, but the home fans are still fanatical memorable。   This season, the Hawks have lost at home this fanaticism, but they also only 24 regular season home wins, can often be seen empty seats in the stands。 Eagles from Orlando to grab home-court advantage, but the home does not seem real advantage。   Hinrich is a record one-third after the opening, after which Horford basket succeeded three times, once make deduction, alley-oop dunk, the Hawks to 9-2 start。
Howard will not let the opponent do whatever they want in the basket, then he twice succeeded, the Magic began to fight back。 This section have 1 minute 43 seconds, leading the Hawks to 23-17, the Magic outside force, Redick and Richardson 40 seconds to hit third in succession, Howard hit two free throws, the Magic to pull the score to 25-25。   Section 8 minutes and 31 seconds there, Crawford hit third, the Hawks 36-28 to gain an advantage again。 Joe – Johnson Since then missed two free throws, the Hawks failed to score in three minutes, however, the Eagles still maintain our edge。 This section there are 2 minutes and 15 seconds, the cast hit Hinrich, the Hawks play after 11-1 to 47-33 obtain 14 points of advantage。
Howard breakthrough jumpers also to a ball, Richardson Since then third succeeded, the Magic at halftime chasing the score 42-51。
  After more than half of the third quarter, after Horford and Bath have been shot, the Magic will recover as the score 55-55。 The two teams several times a tie game, when there are seconds in this section, Nelson backward shooting, the Magic to 62-63 behind only。
Crawford vote with a fine scored 3 points, Hawks 66-62 steady condition。   After a Nelson Richardson each hit a three-pointers, the Magic to 69-68 lead in the fourth quarter, three minutes after the start of this section, the Magic lead to 71-69, but Crawford to a record. " four offensive, "Hawks shot a wave of 10-0 in 3 minutes, in order to gain an advantage again 79-71 when more than half of this section。   Howard continuous succeeded, the Magic continue to fight back。
Competition also 2 minutes 22 seconds, Howard layup by foul Pachulia, Richardson for his teammates to succeed, and Pachulia conflict occurs, both a penalty, but Howard also ate technology foul。
Howard throws a ball, the cast succeeded in Nelson have 1 minute 35 seconds in the game, the Magic lead to 82-81。   Seconds before the whistle, the cast succeeded in Horford, the Hawks to 85-84 beyond。
Hedo Turkoglu also want to a record one-third, but failed to hit, while Crawford and succeeded in seconds before the whistle three points to seal the victory for the Hawks。
  Magic starting lineup: Jameel – Nelson, Jason – Richardson, Dwight – Howard, Brandon – Bass and Xi degrees – Hedo Turkoglu。   Hawks starting lineup: Joe – Johnson, Kirk – Kirk Hinrich, Jason – Collison, Al – Horford and Josh – Smith。