Korean media said Chinese people to buy French Bordeaux: the same as buying a Rolex watch | France

    Reference News Network March 8 reported that South Korea, "Chosun Ilbo" website published March 6 influence "Chinese people buy Bordeaux" commentator Kim Guang-day article, describes the trend of China's people have to buy a French chateau and the resulting force, article excerpts are as follows: a few years ago, I have been to Bordeaux wines were interviewed, there is a row of Korean reporters, there are Chinese reporter。 We came to a castle, rooms full of red, conducted every place decoration, door handles, faucets, light switches, etc. fingertips with Chinese style are coated with a shining golden。
The owner of the castle is still very relevant to understand the culture of China and the moon, he said to Chinese reporters: "full moon grape roots to grow well。
"Only from the point of view of consumption of red wine, China surpassed France four years ago, in 2020, China will rank first in red / white wine terms。 Chinese wine imports was 30-40% per year increase, of which approximately half from France。
In mid-2017, there are million bottles of Bordeaux wines shipped by train from Lyon, France to Wuhan, China, in order to show off the wine train embarked on the "New Silk Road"。 At that time, very expensive Bordeaux's five wineries have three masters into the Chinese people。
  The author of "wine, red and China," the French correspondent, said: "In the past Bordeaux fame is the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and other foreign customers to establish, and now no reason to not be a Chinese person。 "But there is a book called" Chinese appetite for Bordeaux, is a threat to brand-name wine ", pointed out that China is not because people love Bordeaux, but as a business buying calculation winery。 Do not stick labels when the company bought the winery middle and low sales, there will be wine in China to sell for 10 times the price profiteering。
  Recently, the Chinese rich a popular saying: "I am the master of the castle Bordeaux。 "But Pomerol, Pauillac, Margaux, Medoc, etc. more than 10 million euros (about 78.24 million yuan) of the top wineries have not been the Chinese people to intervene, scarce supply, coupled with this brand of wine clear market price, or turn several times to become profit business。
  Over the past 10 years, the Chinese people "like buying a Rolex watch, like" buy wine, wineries in Bordeaux 7500, 2% of Chinese people hold。
A Frenchman placidly said: "This is equivalent to a drop of water in metal bucket。 "。