Soaked with vinegar these three things, life may not insist on eating disease (1)

  CCTV "Chinese medicine" has a special section has been introduced for many years to eat an old man's story。Eat more than two decades now, often Shaofen elderly, are 91 years old, is not only still have tough legs and feet, but also maintained an enviable good teeth mouth, and he insisted that eating black beans have nearly two decades certain relationships。
  1. Starting materials: black beans amount, the amount of vinegar。
  Practice: 1, wash, dry black beans into the wok fried rice noodles in fire。  2, five minutes later smelt bean flavor children, and hear the sound of pops, which is black beans after the explosion skin until the skin will burst open, turn a small fire saute for five minutes。  3, into the container, and let cool in the ventilation。
  As illustrated in the vessel, the beans and let cool to 4 into a lid, can not pour over the vinegar beans。(What can vinegar, I use vinegar。) 5, until all the beans absorb the vinegar, you can dish up children。
Add honey, mix well and serve。  Usage: once do not eat, twenty-three on it, but to insist on eating only valid。
  2, vinegar foam peanuts vinegar foam peanuts heat, blood circulation effect, has a good effect on the protection of the vessel wall to prevent thrombosis。Adhere to long-term consumption can reduce blood pressure, soften blood vessels, reduce the accumulation of cholesterol, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease health food。  Ingredients: peanuts 50 grams, half a bottle of vinegar。  Practice: 1, with peanuts (preferably fresh) 50 g。
  2, may be sealed into the jar, poured vinegar or vinegar。  3, had no vinegar to peanuts, capped sealed, a cool place for 7-10 days。  4, about a week you can eat。  Usage: one day not to eat more than a teaspoon of 5-10 tablets can, insist on eating before there are results。  3, vinegar pickled ginger pickled ginger jealous of people every day is very helpful to health。Ginger vinegar soak excellent results not only health, but also as a seasoning small dish of it is still very good, something good, but not greedy, oh, 2-4 tablets per day to。
  Material: a ginger (preferably fresh ginger selection) vinegar or rice vinegar bottle practice: 1, slice 2 ginger, the ginger good cut into a jar, pour vinegar or vinegar。
  3, filling vinegar, a few ginger。  4, a small piece of plastic wrap, folded into a small。  5, the plastic wrap is folded over the mouth jar。
  6, cover, seal strong。Into the refrigerator for a week after you can eat。  Usage: 2-4 tablets per day, morning to eat the best, the best long-term consumption。