Prevention and treatment of motion sickness small coup to learn, go out worry-free (1)

  Now more and more means of transport, more and more advanced, the car basically go out, some people will be uncomfortable, like a car on the same execution ground。
Is there any way to alleviate the symptoms of motion sickness it?Here are six kinds of small coup, we can do according to their physical condition。
    The car on the way the piece in his hand, ready to be placed under the nose smell the pungent flavor nasal inhalation。The ginger may also be attached to the navel, fixed with wet as the injury。
Or ginger whittled pen-like, painted under the nose of the people, with good results。
  Orange peel ride vehicle about an hour before the back side of fresh orange peel outwards, fold inward, then the two nostrils squeezed with two fingers, the skin will be sprayed with a mist of aroma。
Before the car can be inhaled more than 10 times, the car on the way also can do the same method to relieve symptoms smell smoke at any time。  Fengyoujing car en route to rub balm in temples or Fengchi area, which could improve。
It is also possible where two drops of essential balm navel, with mulching wet as the injury, have a significant effect。
  Drink a cup of vinegar before the car warm water and vinegar, the way would not be a。
  Wet as the injury before traveling affixed to wet as the injury takes place navel, to prevent a significant effect。  Refers to pinch Neiguan occurs when, if there is no more possible to prevent motion sickness ready article, do not panic, the thumb may be used, including pinch off point (in the palm side of the wrist, the wrist about two horizontal stripes on the finger, two ribs on between) for a period of time, the symptoms of motion sickness can be improved。