Under a bus in central Philippines red cliff 19 people were killed and 21 people were injured

  BEIJING, March 21, according to foreign media reports, 20, in the central Philippines, a bus traveling on the way out of control and plunged down a cliff, killing 19 people, 21 people were injured。   Local police spokesman Imelda·Tuolangdinuo (ImeldaTolentino) said that at the time of the accident the bus to the capital, Manila, on the island of Mindoro out of the mountain。
  Tuolangdinuo said the bus crashed at the bottom of the gorge lush jungle, rescue workers at the scene the casualties out of the car accident。
  Police are investigating the cause of the driver driving out of control, to see whether because of mechanical failure, or because the driver fell asleep。 Tuolangdinuo representation。
  Police pictures showed rescue workers and down along the cliff to reach the scene of the accident, about 15 meters below the road surface located there。   Accident occurred near the town of Sabra extension (Sablayan), located 195 km south of Manya。 Local public transport committee, said they will likely suspend the right to operate bus accident managers。