Eastern Inner Mongolia, pastoral grass turning green postpone the next three days drying temperature required fire

China Weather Reuters expected this spring, turning green pastoral pasture in eastern Inner Mongolia and late normal to 5-10 days; Midwest, high temperatures in some areas has 10-35 days in advance of spring, grass turning green pastoral partial early 5-15 days。
Turning green pasture in Inner Mongolia grassland ecological environment protection critical period, implementation of the recommendations of the fragile grassland grazing area, grazing production。
Managing (22) for three days, most of the region's less sunny and rainy, the temperature rise in the east wind 4-5, please pay attention to fire。
Monitoring data show that from 2017 to 2018 by mid-winter, Xilin Gol, Inner Mongolia pastoral east than normal temperatures in the low 2?4 ℃, pastoral precipitation Hulun Buir City in north-central, northwest of Xilin Gol League, Wulanchabu most, Ordos City, the northeast and other less than normal 25% -100%。
Little cold water increases the difficulty of feeding for livestock adverse winter。
Livestock off fat more serious, increase the degree of difficulty of the spring。
At present, the grasslands of Inner Mongolia lean, lack of livestock into the spring period, based mainly on feeding。
(Figure / Yuan Mei) into March, east of the Xilin Gol League pastoral than normal temperatures in the low 4-6 ℃, in mid-March in most areas of the region's rainfall is less than 5 mm, the western Alxa League, no precipitation south Xilin Gol League。
Eastern pastoral low temperatures, less rainfall, leading to grass turning green and late。 Inner Mongolia, ecological and agricultural meteorological center forecast this spring, most of the eastern pastoral grass turning green to normal and late 5-10 days, central and western pastoral grass turning green partial early 5-15 days。
Different types of prairie grasses and specific turning green in the following table: grass is turning green Grassland in Inner critical of environmental protection, but also with friends herdsmen were grazing。
Weather experts have warned, now, as the temporary shortage, and lack of grassland livestock has entered the spring period, it is recommended to strengthen management of pastoral areas around the base of dams and young animals born, well in advance disease prevention, transporting forage and other work。
Different from the colder eastern, central and western most temperatures are higher than normal, especially in Dengkou Loop area, Hangjinhouqi, Wulateqianqi other places in mid-March, the average temperature has broken the record high over the same period。
Ruchun speed up the process, as of March 20, the region's 119 national weather station has 48 stations into the spring, mainly in the central and western most areas, Ruchun time 10-35 days earlier than usual migraine。 Inner Mongolia Meteorological Observatory predicted the next three days, most of the region's less sunny and rainy, there are 4,5-level short six northwest wind in the eastern region, rising temperatures。 Affected by this, the dryness of the upward trend, coupled with the strong winds caused the fire to spread easily, need attention。 22-26 is expected in eastern Hulun Buir City, eastern and southern Ordos City, forest and grassland fire danger rating Bayannao'er Loop has increasing trend, it is recommended to strengthen the country Yewaiyonghuo management, prevention of fires。 (Text / SCI – Yuan Mei Guo Min)。