Southern enable China's first intelligent face recognition system check

Phone ticketing, self-selected seat, self boarding pass, baggage self-service, customs clearance, self-brush face until boarding, passengers took the opportunity to process has been greatly simplified and the entire process is quick and efficient。
Recently, China Southern enable China's first intelligent face recognition system in Nanyang airport boarding passengers at the gate to the brush face second speed verify boarding, full boarding simplify processes, improve the majority of visitors travel experience。
China Southern Airlines Group committee member, deputy general manager Han Wensheng introduced to accelerate the intelligent building is an important measure to implement the Southern and strategic development of the "Internet +" national strategy important direction。
China Southern Airlines boarding enable intelligent face recognition system in Nanyang airport, laid the foundation for China Southern Airlines to promote the implementation of intelligent Beijing's new airport and other airports。
The future, China Southern Airlines will further promote the practical application of this technology to provide integrated intelligence experience the whole process for passengers。 China Southern Airlines is the first to use face recognition technology to provide check-in service for passengers of airlines in the international community leader。
It is reported that enable intelligent face recognition boarding system, China Southern Airlines to create the "Southern è line" an important service initiatives。 By 2016, China Southern Airlines officially launched the implementation of the "Internet +" strategy, for visitors to provide comprehensive one-stop travel information and transportation services。
Face recognition is based on human face feature information of a technique of identification, capture an image or video stream containing the face by a camera or a camera, and automatically detecting and tracking a face, and further the detected human face Face a series of technical recognition unit, enabling fast authentication。
As an important application of artificial intelligence, face recognition technology is different from an ordinary image recognition。 Facial expressions, ambient lighting, camera angles, whether make-up and other factors will increase the difficulty of face recognition。 In recent years, with advances in artificial intelligence, big data applications, both in face recognition technology or application has been a qualitative leap, greatly enhance the accuracy of great practical value。
Due to the use of face recognition technology is unique matching face, so it has congenital security advantages, favored by high security areas of environmental applications, can provide strong identity authentication system under protection in all areas of online and offline。
The face recognition technology in airports, involving management systems associated with passenger, baggage systems, but also to ensure a high recognition rate, in order to provide protection for Aviation Safety。
China Southern Airlines in-depth cooperation with Baidu, GRG and other companies, under the premise of ensuring security, be applied to passenger services in the domestic first to introduce intelligent face recognition boarding system。