James Durant 25 points and 29 points beat out Miami home victory 2-1

  Ticker on June 18, Heat complete reversal of 10 points at home to 91-85 Lectra Thunder to a 2-1 lead in the NBA Finals。   LeBron – James as the Heat scored 29 points and 14 rebounds, Dwyane – Wade 25,7 rebounds and seven assists, and Chris Bosh – 10 points and 11 rebounds, Sean – Shane Battier scored nine Minute。
  Kevin – Durant foul trouble, but still scored 25 points and six rebounds, Russell – Westbrook 19 points, five rebounds and four assists, Kendrick – Perkins 10 points and 12 rebounds – James Harden 9 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists。
  Thunder first two questions are far behind the first section, they pay special attention today。 Shortly after the opening, Perkins tipped succeeded (), the Thunder a 4-2 lead, which they date from the first lead of the game。 Thunder slow but problems are still unable to get rid of, Westbrook has since been shot, while the Heat is an opening to feel hot, Wade pass two attack (), the Heat shot 8-0, Youyi 10- 4 gain advantage。 Thunder do not want to fall into the abyss behind double-digit, Westbrook finally shooting, this section there are 4 minutes 42 seconds, Durant first shot succeeded, to tie it at 12-12 Thunder。
  Heat more dynamic, Wade even vote with a pass, the first section had four points and four assists, James constantly reached the basket, this section had 10 points and five rebounds for Houston ()。 The first section of the Heat to 26-20 lead。   While the Heat energy is greater, and more positive performance in the field, but failed to widen the gap, constantly being counterattack Thunder。 Section 3 minutes and 40 seconds as well, under James Durant defensive pull-jumper, hit the third, outside the Thunder 39-38。 After the two teams have been shot, Durant face in the cast succeeded Wade in this section there are 2 minutes 08 seconds, the Thunder leading by 3 points。
  Battier were cast in the first two games of nine three-pointers, but today in the second quarter has not played 10 minutes after the shot。 This section there are 1 minutes and 51 seconds, James then he pass easily hit the third in the unguarded, the score。
Since then, James' three-point play, "succeeded (), the Heat lead again。 When more seconds in this section, Shane once again get the chance, away from the three-point line on the shot, hit again。 Westbrook Shihai This section ends with a record one-third (), Thunder in the first half to 46-47 behind。   James scored 16 first half points and eight rebounds, Dwyane Wade 11 points and five assists。
13 points each Gemini Thunder。
Thunder rebounding to 16-25 behind。   Thunder is the "second half of the magic," Heat have tasted that feeling, although be prepared, or was the third Thunder Slam。
In this section there are 4 minutes 33 seconds, Fisher hit third and cause foul, and even scored 4 points with a fine cast (), Thunder to 64-54 double-digit advantage。 But the Thunder general Durant now has four fouls on the sidelines rest (), the Thunder could not keep this advantage, James played a strong hand, and then Shane Battier and Jones have been caused by foul, six free throws from behind the arc, the Heat will narrow the gap。
This section there are 52 seconds, James hit the third shot, the Heat to 69-67 beyond。 After both teams failed to score in this section, the gap to 2 points in the final one。   After 77-76 Thunder lead, after continuous shot, failed to score in 4 minutes。
James and Wade have "three-point play," succeeded, even after eight points in the game 3 minutes 47 seconds, the Heat to 84-77 to expand the。   Durant carrying five fouls, Thunder disadvantaged, but they are known as "beat to death", and she has since massive counterattack。
Competition also 1 minute 30 seconds, pull-up jumper Westbrook, the Thunder scored six points, 85-86 behind only to。
  Bosh hit two free throws at the crucial moment, then he got the rebound。
More seconds in the game, James made two free throws, leading the Heat to 89-85。
  Thunder crucial moment actually mistakes, was Wade steals (), had to foul, lost the last chance。   After a day off, the two teams in 20 battles at home in Miami。 (Angkor)。