Harden three pairs Howard 20 + 15 rocket chase victory over the Clippers 2-3

  Ticker May 13, Rockets home to 124-103 win over the Clippers, will always tie 2-3。
  Three rocket on 20 points, James – Harden triple-double, 26 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists, Trevor – Trevor Ariza 22 points and eight rebounds, Dwight – Howard 20 points and 15 rebounds。 Off the bench Corey – Brewer 15 points, Terrence – Jones 12 points。
  Clippers almost the audience behind。
Blake – Griffin scored 20 points and 16 rebounds, Chris Paul – 22 points and 10 assists, D'Andre – Jordan 13 points and 11 rebounds。
  After two wars, the collapse of rocket away, have lost 25 points or more, this is NBA15年来首次在季后赛出现这种情况。
In the east, the continuous emergence of buzzer lore。 One side is fierce fighting, while one-sided massacre。
  1-3 behind in history, only eight teams successful comeback。 Houston has done it in mid-1995, but this time, to dream ends it is not so easy。   Clippers team was built 44 years ago, had never been to the Western Conference finals, this time, they got three chances, and the remaining three games, winning just once, you can make history。
  Clippers seem in no hurry to cut, after the opening, their defense is extremely lax, and not enough focus on the offensive, to the very many opportunities rocket。   Jordan an opening to missed two free throws, the Clippers failed to hit six consecutive shots。 After playing the game for nearly five minutes, fast ship hit a ball。
Rockets also played very relaxed, did not look like in a desperate team, the Clippers continue to give them a chance, but they frequently waste, only to 7-2 start。
After the first section there are 3 minutes and 48 seconds, the cast hit Griffin, the Clippers shot a wave of 9-1 to 18-15 overtake。
Howard up in a ball, Brewer fast-break dunk, the Rockets continue to attack the basket, to a wave 12-4 end of this section, thereby exceeding 27-22。   Capella outset alley-oop dunk in the second quarter, third-degree dunk Rockets to 33-24 lead。
Although the Clippers defense is not hard, but it was still close the gap。 The middle section, Paul hit consecutive shots, one with 5 points after, fast boats to 37-41 behind。
The gap between the two sides was only 2 points, Terry twice-thirds vote, Howard alley-oop dunk, the Rockets 18-5 to end a wave of this section, after Harden hit a buzzer, they pulled to 63-48 gap。   Ariza began the third quarter with a record third, followed by Smith backhand layup, the Rockets to a 68-48 lead by 20 points。
Middle of this section, the Clippers let Paul after the break, but they began to go after。
Griffin continued manufacture of anti-basket, one with 5 points, will lead into 66-81 clippers。
After Paul returned to the field, immediately assists Griffin dunks, Jordan made a free, fast boats to 71-83 behind。
Jones shot twice, Howard accidentally hit two free throws, the Rockets to 90-74 hold its ground。
After Hawes fill buzzer, the first three quarters to 76-90 behind the Clippers。
  The fourth quarter and 7 minutes and 12 seconds, Barnes-thirds vote, the Clippers to 86-101 backward。
Terry also to third immediately, followed by Capella layup, the Rockets regain the 20-point advantage。 The two sides began "cross-cut", Jordan and Howard are missed two free throws。
Both were taken off the coach, but the Clippers continue to "cut", even in a row will Brewer free throw line。 Brewer four penalties, the Clippers under desperation, had to give up this madness。   The two sides almost abandoned the defensive, began the exchange that Brewer twice layup, Paul thirds vote, the two sides have maintained double-digit gap。
There after 2 minutes 02 seconds, Harden and Trevor Ariza have third succeeded, the Rockets to a 121-100 lead。
Rockets winner, pulled all the main, but the Clippers starting five to rest on their fate early。
  Rockets large tie it at 2-3, still hanging by a thread, the next battle on the road, if you can not cross the border, will be eliminated。 (Angkor)。