A band-aid actually caused four-year-old girl amputation!These seven wounds do not use (1)

  Suzhou admitted to a hospital in a 4-year-old girl。
A medical examination revealed that the girl's left middle finger distal black, already necrosis several days, requiring amputation。
Today, little is seen by many as a "one size fits all", no matter how big injury minor injury, the wound is deep is shallow, all one of the。As everyone knows, some wound infection using a Band-Aid will only increase, adversely affected by illness。  Only applies to the more superficial wounds, wound neat, clean, and do not need much bleeding wound suture small, in case of the following cases can not be used。
  Small and deep wounds。Small but deep wound paste, is not conducive to wound secretions and pus discharge。Easy to bacterial growth and reproduction, cause or aggravate infections, particularly susceptible anaerobic tetanus bacilli。  scald。After burn skin ulceration, water can not, or will trigger infected secretions。
  A foreign body wounds。
When a foreign body in the wound, can not be posted immediately, but should go to hospital after debridement or removal of foreign body wrap treatment。
Some wounds serious pollution, and even infection has occurred, there is no reason to use the Band-Aid covering the wound, otherwise it will cause or aggravate infections。
  He was stabbed nails。
If accidental injury is a finger, toe nails, blades, especially the nails, the top blade rust, trouble can not use a simple dressing。
Be sure to clean and keep the wound exposed, prevent infection, and as soon as possible to the hospital for a tetanus vaccine。
  Animal bites scratch。
Scratched bite wounds of animals and, if used, will lead to accumulation of bacteria in the wound or diffusion。
So, whether the family pet is bitten or scratched by an animal or a small outside, should first wash with soap and water more than a few times, and then disinfected with iodine, so that the wound exposed, and to the hospital injection of rabies vaccine。  Boil a variety of skin。
It is not conducive to absorption and drainage of pus, but is conducive to bacterial growth and reproduction, and therefore, can not use the Band-Aid Boil。
  Those who are allergic to tape。There are people who tape allergies are not uncommon in clinical practice, the specific performance of patching the skin itching, redness, since many small blisters。Therefore, there is a history of allergy or tape people, should choose other methods to stop bleeding, or select a special hypoallergenic tape。