Herb herb recipe how to eat big run

This Chinese herb may be a lot of people are not heard, but do not know how to eat the herb。 Today small for everyone here on the big run small wave of herb remedies can not only treat loss of appetite, but also eyesight oh。 Efficacy lot, come look at it。
Herb remedies big run there are many herb recipe can be used, not only tasty, as well as the value of many of the health, the following small series to explain in detail the application of the herb recipe right!How to eat the herb herb herb soup recipe big run herb 10 grams, water to cook 30 minutes, juice, 2 times a day, warm clothes。
Indications abdominal swelling, bloating, spleen dampness, loss of appetite embolism。
Sun dehumidification herb soup 3 g ,, ,, each Notopterygium grams cohosh, Shinkyoku, Alisma, Polyporus, each Sunburn ,, grams malt, various drugs into the casserole, add boiling water for 30 minutes, the juice can be。 1 day, 2 times, warm clothes。 This side has the effect of Sun Qi, spleen dampness, attending spleen and stomach, no appetite, bowel diarrhea embolism。
Herb herb recipe how to eat big run Xianshu bulk herb, horsetail grass, licorice each 30 grams, grams Chan Yi, Gu Jing grass, skullcap 15 grams, snake slough 3 grams, these drugs research for the powder, daily doses of 2 time, 3 grams per day, with warm water delivery service。
The side with eyesight, attending dark eyes。 Recommended reading:。