Improve the quality of sex should grasp five times

Everyone wants to improve the quality of life, but also have made some efforts to improve the quality of sex。
But how to do it in order to improve the quality of sex spouses or partners need to take a few "time", such as foreplay time, time for sex, etc.。Here's a look at how to improve the quality of sex through several "time"。
Foreplay sex best "time" we all know that foreplay is very important, a direct impact on the quality of sex, foreplay but the best time is how long does the answer is 15 minutes。
After analyzing the results that an answer based on a large number of data。
Data show that 15 minutes of foreplay time can just reach the female body passion to mobilize the highest, if not yet reached the time, women in the sex is not easy to enter the state, you can not play to the best, while more than 15 minutes, then, to mobilize will warm up and cool down because the time is too long, until finally the beginning of a long lost passion。
Do not be too boring foreplay, foreplay if you just kissing, caressing, I believe that even just 15 minutes of foreplay can not arouse the passions of both sides, to the point it is not the same。Point increase in a romantic rose aromatherapy atmosphere, blazing love, then the passion plays a small role, even a bit arrogant little instruction, a personal hot dance, which can happen to you before the show time。
You next time, try to slow down and enjoy the time of foreplay, and then get to the point, I believe the quality of your sex there will be some different feelings。