Russia built on the cliffs of comparable German castle Neuschwanstein you want to come

January 10 electric Speaking built the castle on the cliff, everyone will think of Neuschwanstein, in fact, the famous Yalta on the Crimean peninsula, Russia also has such a castle, it is fort swallow。
Neuschwanstein Castle (left) and Fort Swallow (right) Neuschwanstein and Swallow's Nest are built on top of a cliff, the landscape, as if in a fairy tale castle there is generally, everyone was stunning in their beauty, I could not help but lament the world so much as a magnificent and quiet existence。
Swallow's Nest and Neuschwanstein Castle as well as similarities with the little-known, and they are all related to Germany。
Germany's Neuschwanstein Castle and associated Needless to say, the German association Swallow's Nest and the less well known, though it is located in the Crimean peninsula, but have to establish modern swallows Fort thanks to the German oil tycoon Xu Jayne Buddha · Gregory, you can not say that, not the oil tycoon, there is no fort now swallows。
Although many similarities, but the Swallow's Nest and Neuschwanstein is so different, Neuschwanstein Castle hidden among the trees, like a bridge Swallow's Nest mountain and the sea, is another beautiful。
Now go and learn what this small series of romantic castle bar。 Swallow's Nest (Ласточкиногнездо) is a landmark in Yalta, Crimea is also a "business card", which was built on the cliff Aurora。 "Aurora" is the Roman goddess of the dawn, the reason why this cliff to her name, mainly because at the dawn of Swallow's Nest is located very beautiful, where you can see the most beautiful sunrise, the dawn of the most dazzling。
Morning, dawn, boarded the Swallow's Nest, watching the sun slowly rising from the sea level, when the first ray of sunshine all over her body, and Aurora intimate embrace this moment, no distractions things, everything becomes warm and fine。 When you plan tours of Russia, we must not forget to write in the Swallow's Nest stroke。 It is so beautiful, because the Swallow's Nest 40 meters above sea level, so this is a great location overlooking Yalta。
Here, the mountains and the sea perfect connection, the vast Black Sea at a glance……This is the beautiful landscape, but in painting, he became a landscape!(Russia Travel Chinese Network) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。