2018 Hong Kong Flower Show Opens 400,000 flowers flourish

  Hong Kong, March 16 (Reporter Yin Xiao Tian Jingzai Nguyen) 2018 Hong Kong Flower Show (flower show) opening 16 at Victoria Park, about 400,000 flowers on display, including 40 000 theme flower "Dahlia", the dimension Park dressed as colorful "colorful world"。
  Hong Kong Chief Executive to attend the opening ceremony, Mrs Lam said the last time to participate in the opening ceremony of the flower show 11 years ago, this year we successfully fought to play the officiating guests。 She said he is a flower person, in particular, love to accompany her for a lot of difficult days of sweet-scented osmanthus, as well as from the Netherlands "Freesia"。
  Mrs Lam said, these really beautiful flower arrangement against the background of this year's theme of "heart and flowers bloom," I believe this year have the opportunity to break last year's record 670,000 passengers。 She was referring to, the Government very supportive of the annual flower show, with the hope that the public, but also to thank the various agencies over the years to support and co。
  In addition to the flower show beautiful flower display, eye-catching colors of flowers, visitors can also watch the local, Mainland and overseas exhibition of potted plants, flower arrangements and landscape design。 Flower show also a plurality of photographic "punch" bit, such as a million tulips laying flowers, flowers of different wall displaying three-dimensional configuration of the like。 During the exhibition, held every evening Light Show。