Shanghai Electric Power to bring Malta Montenegro energy company to develop wind power projects

Xinhua Valletta March 22 (Reporter Yuan Yun) in Montenegro in March, the rainy season。 Despite the heavy rain winds continue, but the mood Shanghai Power International Renewable Energy Development Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Li Chao is very good, because the first batch of 13 wind turbines wind power projects in Montenegro, Mo Zula has arrived in the port of Bar in Montenegro。
Montenegro Mo Zula wind power project, the Shanghai Electric Power Company Limited Energy Limited Malta to join the development of new energy projects。
December 2014, Shanghai Electric Power Company Limited signed an agreement with the Government of Malta, a total of one hundred million euros capital injection energy cooperation, including investment 100 million euros obtained in Malta Energy Limited% stake。 According to the plan of the European Union, Malta must be achieved by 2020 renewable energy accounted for 10% of total energy。
In order to help Malta achieve this goal, Shanghai Electric Power (Malta) Holdings Limited and Malta Energy Ltd., a joint venture of the International Renewable Energy Development Limited, of which China accounted for 70% of the shares。 However, the International Renewable Energy Development Co., Ltd. development goals and Malta are not limited to the local market, the company plans to achieve 300 megawatts of new continental European energy projects within five years。 The first step in going out, Shanghai Electric Power (Malta) Ltd. Energy Holdings Limited and Malta chose Montenegro Mo Zula wind power project。
April 2016, the International Renewable Energy Development Co., Ltd., the British Vestigo fund, China set up a joint vision of energy wind power project in the United Malta Montenegro Ltd.。 At this point the Shanghai Electric Power (Malta) Holdings Limited, Malta with roots in the energy market, has had a strong influence and driving force。 "Before Malta Energy companies have been serious losses after the Shanghai Electric Power came, everything changed, and we can profit, and also have their own business model。
"Malta Energy Co., the main 席弗雷德里克 · Azzopardi said," Wind energy is clean energy, the company also took the opportunity to expand outwards, so understanding after this project, we decided to do this project and the Shanghai Electric Power。 "Combine their respective strengths, Shanghai Electric Power (Malta) Holdings Co., Ltd. for the division of labor and Malta Energy Limited: Malta responsible for coordinating aspects of cooperation between the Government of Montenegro and the Shanghai Electric Power is mainly responsible for financing and technical issues。
However, due to differences in national conditions, slow progress。 "Montenegro's language and culture, legal system and so on domestic and Malta are not the same, the work efficiency had a serious impact。 "Li Chao said," in the country to build a wind power plant is generally 12 to 15 months, but this project we spent almost three years。
"Nevertheless, the prospect of win-win cooperation, the parties involved to resolve their differences through business models, to promote the project。 November 2017, Montenegro Mo Zula wind power projects completed the share register, the project officially by the Shanghai Electric Power (Malta) Holdings Limited Holdings。 December 7, fans pouring the first concrete foundation, marking the project officially started。 "This is a win-win situation, Malta, Montenegro, there are aspects of Shanghai Electric Power, of all parties involved benefit。 "Rick Reid told reporters Azzopardi。 Production capacity of 40 megawatts of wind power projects Mo Zula, can not only help in along the "area all the way" in Montenegro to improve the proportion of clean energy, but also increase employment opportunities, promoting economic development。 "This project in Montenegro fame relatively large, on the basis of the construction phase has led to nearly 200 local people are employed。 "Li Chao said," When the project is put into operation, the annual generating capacity of 5% of generating capacity will account for Montenegro, will contribute to local socio-economic development。 "The Government of Malta believes Malta into the European Energy Co. Therefore regional operators, ratings of great help to enhance the company's reputation。 "Montenegro project is the flagship project Energy Limited of Malta, Malta it shows the strategic energy sector is changing to fruition, the energy sector in Malta is an important milestone in the development of。 Malta's energy minister, "Joey told reporters Meads。
For the Shanghai Electric Power (Malta) Holdings Limited, a positive response to this project "along the way" initiative, not only to achieve the milestones Shanghai electricity distribution in Europe, but also help promote Chinese equipment, standards, services, and other related industries go out。 "We want to achieve a two-step within five years, has been implemented in Malta as a bridgehead strategy, the next step intend to new energy projects, especially projects in Montenegro as a breakthrough, to build a platform in the Balkans, to achieve regional development in Europe。
"Shanghai Electric Power (Malta) Holdings Co., Ltd., general manager of Sheng-bao Jie said。
Currently, the project is progressing well。
"The second batch of fans are expected to ship in early April, we are pouring to the construction of 3 wind turbines weekly rate basis, is expected to the end of August fans installed, officially put into operation this winter。
"Li Chao told reporters。
Editor: Xu snow。