November holiday Chinese tourists as "walking wallets" drawing world attention

October 9 electric National Day, Mid-Autumn double combination, the "Super Golden Week", Chinese people overseas travel boom, once again let the world feel the unusual temperature。
Passport higher gold content, the stronger the economic strength of the Chinese people "stay away" easier and more affects the eyes of the world。 Whether sightseeing, accommodation or shopping, Chinese tourists simply be seen as "walking wallets" to make the world move does not look away。
In order to attract Chinese tourists, many countries and regions, the introduction of specialty products and incentives, many foreign businesses directly with the Chinese the word "celebrate National Day," and opened the "National Day promotional price", the Chinese people used to take a mobile phone can go out in overseas businesses to spend more familiar payment platform。
This celebrate the "China Day", the world really has become linked to "Chinese knot"。 More and more Chinese tourists to show the civilized world, a friendly international image, more worthy of praise points。 Finally, the last, to remind you of one thing: this year has ended all statutory holidays。
However, holiday spending money, go to work to make money, serious money to spend。
Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。