Cancer "universal vaccine" has come out?Scientists answer is negative (1)

  (People Beijing) hazard of cancer is well known that in many people's minds, if a person suffering from cancer, also was sentenced to "death."。So many people want to be able to have a cancer "": long shot, you can make cancer cells in the body completely disappeared。
Recently, some media wrote that "this hope or will become a reality", in order to reflect the importance of the media back to the article took a "heavy" name – "heavy!The American Cancer vaccine successfully developed, completely cure rate of 97%. "。
So, the cancer vaccine really usher in the "universal" Time yet?  Cancer '' and come out?  "The cure rate of 97%" from the mouse experiments, "" is not new to the article comes from a study at Stanford University, and "Science and Technology Daily" also April 2 carried a report on the study, but " Science and Technology Daily "reported on the subject as" a cancer "vaccine" can be cured 97 percent of mice tumors, "the article pointed out, Stanford University scientists said that in the 90 mice suffering from lymphoma, breast cancer and colon cancer study, even if the tumor has spread to other parts of the body, a new treatment still eliminate cancer tumors in 87 mice (97% cure rate)。
  That is, "97% cure rate" of data from mice, is not applicable to humans。
Meanwhile, the "Science and Technology Daily" also pointed out that, strictly speaking, not part of the new vaccine therapies, just steps involved in a similar vaccination, the therapy can be called "immunotherapy", contains two drugs, can stimulate immune cells?Cells, to induce them to attack cancer cells。
  In fact, this "immunotherapy" is not new。
China News has published an article in the March 23, 2015, when the United States and Britain have carried out relevant research scientists。
The article points out the important role of the immune system?Cell manufacturing is the key "cancer vaccine", US scientists from the donor bone marrow aspirate?Cells, surface of cancer cells and then using the WT1 protein stimulation?Cells, which causes "a note" cancerous cell, then?Cells implanted in the patient; UK similar methods, starting with the patient's blood extract?Cells, genetically engineered genes into the WT1 protein?The cells, which is then implanted back into the patient。But it was suggested that manufacturing is expected to deal with all types of cancer "," scientists involved in the study generally considered unlikely。
  Reduce exposure to cancer-causing factors are smoking bladder cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, stomach cancer……And other known cancer the most important risk factor。
Do not smoke or quit smoking before the onset of second-hand smoke is carcinogenic factors, if you smoke, do not smoke in public places at least。Prevent cervical cancer, HPV vaccine belong to primary prevention。Eat smoked or pickled foods containing complex components such as nitrite carcinogens。
Weight loss may reduce colorectal cancer, breast cancer risk。
Eat more vegetables may reduce the risk of gastrointestinal cancer。  1, reasonable diet, drink less sugary drinks, limit intake of high fat, high sugar and low fiber foods, eat vegetables and fruits, to avoid or eat less processed meat products。
  2, regular exercise, exercise at least 30 minutes a day。  3, to avoid excessive drinking。  4, maintain a good living habits, including avoiding multiple sexual partners, stay away from drugs, etc.。