Pregnant rhythm rhythm safety reasons it

Reasons for safe period of pregnancy is a topic what contraception has always been more concerned about, and on methods of contraception there are many, is a kind of rhythm method of contraception have been used for a long time。But some people in the case of pregnant rhythm still occur。The following night on the net to tell us something about the cause pregnant rhythm, rhythm really tell you it safe!The reason (1) still pregnant rhythm rhythm principle is the birth of an ideal state to begin a new life combination of sperm and egg, but in order to achieve the effect of contraception, we should find ways to thwart them meet。
Strategy is adopted rhythm of playing time and calculated egg fertilization possible time, and let the sperm out of time to avoid these activities。Ovulation and fertilization process, there are some laws。The general health of women will ovulate regularly each month, 28-day menstrual cycle women, roughly 14 days before menstruation, the egg can survive in the discharge ovulation day 1?2 days, and sperm into the woman's vagina can survive for about three days。According to these laws, we can be roughly determined by the menstrual cycle of women get pregnant "dangerous period", the rest of the time is the so-called "rhythm" of the。In the "ideal state", were married life rhythm in behavior does not make sperm and egg meet, in order to achieve the effect of contraception。
(2) would like to be considered quasi rhythm, basic principles of character to fight the rhythm of the sounds seem quite tricky, but in fact the so-called ideal state does not exist, so calculate it, it will face many difficulties。
Pregnant rhythm reason we often hear the rhythm calculation method is similar to "the first seven after eight" or "after the first three four" such a simple estimate, but it is only calculated based on the recent menstrual cycle。
Such an algorithm in order to accurately would require women's menstrual cycles always like clockwork punctuality job。
In fact, not all women will ovulate regularly, even the law of ovulation women, their menstrual cycles will be affected by environmental, emotional, health fluctuates, it is no guarantee full-time。
Therefore, such a calculation would bring great error。To reduce such errors, there are some relatively more accurate method for calculating the rhythm, e.g. Aoji Nuo formula。This method is to be recorded in the last 6 to 12 months of the menstrual cycle, the selected value of the longest and shortest cycle is calculated as an important parameter rhythm。Definition of the menstrual cycle is the first day of menstruation to the next menstruation day before。
Such methods although compared to simple estimation tricky, because it looks like a multi-cycle value of the longest and shortest cycle fluctuation leveled。But using them is very troublesome, but even this could not escape those uncertainties, considered almost quasi-periodic small probability event。Contraception by cycle, basically spell luck, save character。