Foreign media: US stocks this year, or a 15% pullback | US stocks

  According to CNBC reported on Friday, strategist Jim – Paulson said the recent rally in US stocks will not continue, this year there may be a correction of 15%。
  Paulson said the US 10-year bond yields may continue to rise and may rise above the 3% level。
This, in turn rekindled investor concerns。   Paulson believes that US stocks sometime this year will suffer more shocks。 But he does not think stocks will collapse, but there may be a correction of 15%。
  Paulson said that 2018 was a year of adjustment in US stocks, US stocks trend will be suspended, so that US corporate earnings growth is included in the valuation were to go。 Moreover, his analysis said that if the US non-farm payrolls report for February show payroll growth rate dropped to%, then the market will rise to a higher level。
  US stocks were little changed on Friday, kept the whole weekly gain, the highest weekly gain since the five-year maximum。   Standard & Poor's 500 index closed up% for the week rose%, the highest since January 2013 the maximum; now there are less than 5% of the distance from the January 26 hit a record high。