The three major job boards data to prove: block chain personnel is less than demand stimulus salaries continue to rise

If the last few days, "two sessions" is a hot topic, then the "two sessions + block chain," the topic called "critical point"。
Science and technology circle chiefs in two sessions almost exclusively on the block chain expressed their views, media coverage of science and technology is endless block chain, in addition to hot block chain, block chain talent shortage problem It attracted everyone's attention。 The three major platform release job data: block chain personnel is less than demand, according to LinkedIn 2018 global data show that global demand for talent in the mid-block chain began to grow from 2015, and in 2016-2017 We experienced a significant growth of the explosive, but for now, its share of total global talent market demand is still very low proportion。
In recent years, growth in demand for block chain talent is the industry's fastest computer software industry, followed by financial services and insurance industry。
From the talent supply-side perspective, there are currently LinkedIn million users, from 2015 to 2017, marked on LinkedIn file number block chain personnel have relevant skills grew nearly 19 times。
But the total is still less talent, equivalent to only about 2% of the number of global platforms AI talent on LinkedIn。 BOSS straight recruits Institute also made a block chain talent supply and demand statistics show that: in mid-November 2017, job demand chain block outbreak occurred in the field, an increase of times more than last year, while supply increased by only times the same period, As of February 2018, the block chain professional and technical personnel supply and demand ratio is only serious for less than the demand stimulus salaries continue to rise。 In the current industry demand for qualified personnel in the block chain, technical personnel accounting for up to more than 7 percent, followed by products and operations。
Similarly, the pull hook Network recently released the "2018 block chain-paid list", which Tencent, Ali, Jingdong, millet and other large Internet companies released a number of post-paid block chain needs, nearly two months salary to open up to 10 million, or block chain being touted talent。
Xiao Bian also simple common on several public job sites, in order to "block chain" search-related jobs for keywords, search from the Zhaopin to 403 related jobs, which blocks chain recruitment of engineers and researchers in the block chain at most, the minimum salary of up to 5K, in addition also block chain in the field of recruitment, product manager, investment commissioner, edit, Director of operations, architecture and design jobs。
Search on future worries related to post 555, hiring engineers and product managers in the majority, the standard minimum wage, for up to 6K; in headhunting Web search related to the number of jobs is 100+, also the majority Engineer Jobs。 Aspects of personnel required for the block chain block chain Qualifications engineers, the industry generally believe that proficiency in GoLang, C ++, JAVA and other mainstream block chain system development language; to master one or more Block Chaining (Bitcoin, revenge, HyperLedgerFabric, etc.) related mechanisms and principles; understanding all major consensus algorithm, including but not limited to prisoners of war, POS, DPOS, PBFT, of Paxos, rafts and other; understand the principles and use of mainstream NoSQL database, especially KV database , including but not limited to sexual LevelDB, RocksDB etc; these requirements are large hard conditions, and experienced personnel proficient in cryptography and distributed computing for the block chain development also has the advantage, but it is not hard conditions。 For block chain operations personnel needs is widely believed to be on the Bitcoin block chain (blockchain), Ethernet Square (revenge), super books (hyperledger) technologies have a certain understanding and enthusiasm, we have a good ability to learn。
Secondly, there are relevant digital currency, financial analysis software, trading software development experience, and familiar bits coins, people block chain, encryption algorithms will be given priority。
Block chain information is not a single technology, but rather rely on some existing technology to achieve some new features, such as P2P networks, the hash function, intelligent contracts, etc., and these techniques to a new way of thinking logical schema。
So from this perspective, block chain technology development does not need to master some new expertise, which for computer-related professional talent, as long as a little learning and integration, can put themselves into the current major companies competition for scarce talent。 Block chain "elite" in order to pry the industry known as the father of the "digital economy" Davos founder Klaus Schwab (KlausSchwab) believes that the block chain is following the steam engine, electric, computer the fourth important achievements of the industrial revolution, is expected by 2025, 10% of global GDP will utilize block storage chain technology。 As the block chain technology is still in its infancy, which itself is the presence of diversity, such as "smart contract" in the future to achieve "Programmable finance"; lack of trust in the field, such as the sharing economy, it is possible to ensure that participants privacy and security。
There is no need to intermediaries involved in the process transparent and more low-cost, data security requirements of these industries can be applied block chain technology, the prospects can cover real estate, agriculture, the Internet, etc. in the field of medical。
When it deep into the industry, it can even change people's habits。
Of course, achieve all of these applications require talent, and talent to develop and promote sophisticated。 Meanwhile, the block chain personnel not only need to have high technical ability, but need to have the block chain thinking。 Although the current number affixed with a "block chain" label job seekers, but the lack of elite talent, therefore, computer-related technical personnel should seize the opportunity to train themselves into block chain of elite talent, leveraging future of the industry。