First Digital China Construction Summit in April held in Fuzhou

  Beijing March 22 (Reporter Liu Yuying) First Digital China Construction Summit will be held in Fuzhou, Fujian Province April 22 to 24, the summit theme of "information technology to drive modernization, accelerate the construction of Digital China"。   22 May China's State Council Information Office press conference held in Beijing, deputy director of China's State Internet Information Office Zhuangrong Wen introduced China Construction Digital Summit by the China National Internet Information Office, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Fujian people's government, Fuzhou Municipal people's government and other relevant units contractors。   Zhuangrong Wen said the construction of digital China, is to seize opportunities to accelerate the process of modernization of the inevitable requirement。
Is this summit is to guide the development of information technology to better meet the growing need for a better life, and constantly break the problem of uneven development is not sufficient, so that millions of people share the fruits of development of Internet。
  According to reports, the summit positioned to provide policy information release platform for China's development, the results show provides a platform for e-government and digital economy, provided a platform for the exchange of digital theory and practical experience in China Construction。