Blood born diseases nowhere pain out of light so that a bowl of soup!Cheap and effective!(1)

  Big, you know why it will be cold in winter?Chinese medicine believes that blood is the driving force of life, have to rely on gas to drive internal organs, blood nutrition。
"Gas as the commander of blood," normal gas, promote blood running。But if the Qi blood running slow, prone to blood barrier, will be manifested in various parts of the body!  1, the hair: dull, dry and easy alopecia "than for the blood fat", "I made for blood" blood strong, long thick hair is moist; otherwise fine dry blood failure, the early white hair easy off。
Hence gray hair or hair loss, and anemia are related。  2. Eyes: early flowering, vision loss, "head was blood are able to view," "eyes" and "blood" What is the connection it?This involves an important concept in Chinese medicine among related organs – 'liver stores the blood. "。  Corresponding internal organs and facial features, eye and liver correspond exactly, so-called "liver stores the blood," "head was blood are able to view"。
Chinese medicine has "long as the injured blood" argument, with the eyes of people for a long time, will not only cause eye fatigue, decreased vision capabilities, it can also cause damage to the human body, "blood"。  3, lower limb: weakness, cold "enough to get the blood are able to step" If the hands and feet warm all year round, representative blood sufficient, if cold hands and feet, represents the lack of blood。
Young people especially women limbs, cold hands and feet, usually due to blood stasis, meridian barrier disruption leading to yang。  4. Hearing: tinnitus, hearing loss "was blood and ear can hear" poor blood flow, and even cause congestion block, there will be dizziness, tinnitus, hearing loss and a variety of diseases。
  Fungus soup bowl dates for entrepreneurs through all three vessels, and this recipe is worth all of us to learn!This soup how to do it?Is actually very simple: dates fungus soup ingredients: 10 grams of black fungus, three ginger, red dates 5。  Production Method 1, the above ingredients plus 6 bowls of water, poured into the skillet with the。
  2, 2 bowls of water to boil over low heat, add a little salt ready to eat, eat once a day。
  Blood nourishes our body, adds to the growing fungus jujube soup will be able to pass the blood vessels, raising the five, the key is also cheap, inexpensive and able to harvest a large role in such a good method for everyone to learn!。