Effective treatment of oral ulcers of the small recipe

Treatment of oral ulcers what?Hot summer weather, easy to get angry, mouth ulcers are also very easy to relapse, then how best to treat mouth ulcers do?Then take a look mouth ulcer treatment remedies it。
1, ginger mouthwash oral ulcer ginger with hot water rinse, day 2?3 times, usually 6?9 times ulcers can converge。 2, vitamin B2 B2 of the grind fine powder, and mix thoroughly with the amount of sesame oil, made of a thin paste, applied to the surface of the ulcer, day 4?6。
It has not bitter, astringent, flavor, non-irritating, pain and other good effect。 Once every 2?3 days, oral ulcers will receive more。 3, tea mouthwash tea mouthwash, because tea contains vitamins, can prevent a variety of inflammatory, healing of oral ulcers, have a role of adjuvant therapy。
4, taken Ouzhi radish raw carrots 2, wash smashed wringer Xianou period to the residue, gargle with juice, 3 times a day, once every 4 days effective。
5, vitamin C ^ C ^ vitamin tablets pressed into tablet surface, the affected area, is effectively a two。
Vitamin C ^ may be ground into powder form, small ulcers if the system, only take a little can apply on affected area; if large ulcers, ulcers should first gently scrape exudate, and then dressing powder。 2 daily medication?3, the small ulcer medication 1?2 times Jiyu, the larger ulcer medication 2?3, can significantly reduce the pain, 2?3 days to heal ulcers。 Treatment of oral ulcers, vitamin?Pierce vitamin?Capsules, the liquid applied to the extruded oral ulcer, Reserved 1 minute after 4 times a day, with a meal and before sleep, more generally 3 days。 Oral ulcer patients should pay more attention in the course of their daily diet, can not eat spicy spicy condiments like vinegar, ginger, onion, star anise, etc.。 Because these foods will exacerbate the patient's pain, by stimulating, but also to further expand the ulcer。
How fast it good oral ulcers?Method / 1, mouth ulcers generally because of a lack of B vitamins caused the usual diet to eat more fruits and vegetables and eat eggs and so there will be better quickly, then you can buy drugs watermelon frost spray, this effect is good use soon enough!。