Barclays: Greek exit from the euro is still the most likely scenario

Night network, nightlife network Finance YORK, July 8 news, after the Eurogroup meeting on Tuesday, Barclays (Barclays) has maintained Greece out of the euro is the most likely scenario of judgment。  Greece on Sunday by referendum rejected the rescue plan by creditors, making the probability of a Greek exit from the euro rise sharply。JP Morgan Chase (JP Morgan) that Greece exit from the euro has risen to two-thirds probability。  Barclays to reach a final agreement is not optimistic about the Greek rescue。Barclays analysts pointed out: "In the current point in time, based on the extremely difficult relief programs in exchange for Greece to reform the European public sector debt write-down (OSI) and the current government to reach Greece。"Barclays view, a strong public referendum in Greece displayed resentment means that the terms of the agreement proposed a week ago creditor is not acceptable。  On the other hand, if the other euro-zone member states to make concessions, the new agreement is bound to not get support at home。  Barclays wrote in the report: "The Greek people are more receptive agreement is difficult to obtain in other euro area countries support, especially by the German Bundestag, and will face Spain's general election。"July 20, Greece will face [microblogging] 3.5 billion euros of debt due to the ECB, under the EU Treaty, the European Central Bank can not monetize the debt Member。Before that Greece can reach a bailout agreement with creditors, it will be a major challenge for the near future, and continuing bank out of business and capital controls will also result in further deterioration of the economic situation in Greece。(Shofu compilation)