Japanese media: the Friends of Mori Gakuen scandal fermentation someone's staff said the Department of the province indicate tampering

Data Figure: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe。 Reporter Wang Jianshe It is reported that Japan's Ministry of Quick Search Kinki Finance Bureau received such reports in consultation with the academy, said aspects of the sale of state-owned land improperly low prices, suspected of dereliction of duty; Sagawa and other waste consultation records, the alleged destruction of documents, and then expand the search。
  According to sources, the Ministry of Quick Search in this process, no later than the end of last year to grasp the fact that tampering。
Finance Ministry aspects originally submitted the document after tampering to the prosecution, but the prosecution has its version before tampering and access to the file。 Quick Search Department of the Ministry of Finance relating to staff more than the implementation of the inquiry。 It is reported that the province received instructions claiming to be indicated。
  7th of this month committed suicide in Kobe City home in Kinki Finance Bureau, said male staff member to leave a record, under instructions from their superiors "were asked to rewrite"。   During the Japanese Ministry of Finance late last year allegedly sold April after exposure problems in the state-owned land, tampered with the approval of 14 documents。 Deputy Prime Minister and Finance with Taro Aso has explained that, in order to avoid discrepancies with the respondent Sagawa Congress, the file is overwritten finance bureau under the direction of some staff。
  According to Finance Ministry sources, Sagawa said in an interview with the financial affairs minister of Junichi Fukuda asked: "Secretary was in charge of the approval document, and therefore feel responsible。
But on how to get involved, because it may be subject to criminal prosecution, so I hope to avoid the answer。