Brazil miserable negative German presidential election or affected

In the first semi-final on the 2014 World Cup, the German team 5-0 ahead at halftime score big rival host team, the Brazilian team's defeat climax into history, this time the fans once again to vent their anger felt by Brazilian President Dilma – Rosoff (Rousseff) head。  Scene took place when the World Cup opening ceremony is quite similar to the Brazilian fans in the stands were about 40 minutes to the start of collective booing, Dilma shame in the game, and lasted about three minutes。  Germany 7-1 final victory, making Brazil's Revenge have been dashed – – the 1950 World Cup, Brazil lost to Uruguay at home, missed the World Cup。The bloodbath was Germany is Brazil's biggest ever World Cup defeat。  This in Minas Gerais (with famous mining) the capital of the semi-final held in Belo Horizonte, Brazil opener is not super striker Neymar (NeymarJr) battle game。The Brazilian team's most creative offensive player last week in vertebral fractures victory over Colombia in the quarter-finals, an early goodbye to the World Cup。  But twice was booed at the World Cup, this is not a good sign for Rousseff, because after the FIFA package is expected to leave the South America's largest country, in respect of the presidential election kicked off。Sunday, the World Cup final in Rio de Janeiro's iconic stadium – Maracana Stadium – the war, the trophy will battle at between Germany and Argentina in the semi-final winner against the Netherlands。Brazil and Argentina will compete for third place with one of the game against the Netherlands losing the fight。  Current polls show Rousseff is likely to be in the second round of voting to its number one challenger – Senator Aai Theo – Neves (Aécio Neves) – to determine the winner, despite the current the final election polls show it is likely to still her。Although Brazil failed to reach the finals, but they have gone far enough in this World Cup, thus avoiding the defeat of the team have a profound impact on the election。  Some political analysts had thought that, if the Brazilian national team was eliminated early on in the world's biggest football tournament, the Brazilians may make emotional control, so hold various protests, Rousseff could therefore step down early。  Rousseff failed on the success of former President Lula da Silva (Lula Da Silva) laid on a higher level, contrary during her ruling Brazilian economy stagnated, and has a serious inflation problem。Protests has become a major feature of this year's World Cup opening ceremony, hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Rio, Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte and Brasilia satellite city of Taguatinga , to host the World Cup against consumption of 11 billion US dollars heavily。But with the large number of police control the situation, protests soon died down。  On Tuesday, there are many Brazilian fans shocked to get back on the streets of Rio de Janeiro Copacabana Beach area of Pasqua, but God。Some fans crying publicly, while others just stare staring in front of the fans, stumbled forward, like the US drama "The Walking Dead" (walking corpse) in extras。The German fans were plunged into ecstasy, along the wide sidewalk in front of the beach, waving flags while drinking beer。  Fireworks crackled over the still poor communities or slums, slum built on a steep cliff overlooking the southern part of the city。But Chile, Brazil on penalties away team in the first game in the playoffs, stretching toward the canyon type streets Copacabana Beach echoed the howling of the Shan Hu Hai, but never gone now。  Now we will wait and see: the history of Brazil in the World Cup's most painful defeat will lead to the failure of President Rousseff re-election。  Yixuxiaoyin school Li Qiqi