Mavericks Dirk Nowitzki 26 + 15 King Hill Spurs lost 3-2 at home to cross the border to get match point

  Ticker May 1, the Spurs return home to 109-103 victory over the Mavericks, with a total score of 3-2 upper hand。   Tony – Tony Parker scored 23 points and five assists, Tiago – Split 17 points and 12 rebounds, Tim – Tim Duncan 16 points and 12 rebounds, test Wye – Leonard 15 points and eight rebounds。 Off the bench Manu – Manu Ginobili 19 points。   Dirk – Dirk Nowitzki in the fourth quarter angry, scored 26 points and 15 rebounds in this series for the first time on 20 points。 Monta – Ellis 21 points and six assists, Jose – Calderon 8 points。 Off the bench Vince – Carter shot 7 of 9 three-pointers, scored 28 points。
  Cattle war could have been predicted to be the side of the race, but now has entered the "Battle of King Mountain," nobody would have dared to underestimate the calf。   Dirk Nowitzki rarely get open looks, failed on four consecutive games of 20 points, but also to prevent under Parker had the difficult shot。 German and French seem to be the focus of the audience。   Carter does not think so, he felt, in whose hands the ball, who is the first choice。 Also proved this point, Carter hit a third war incredible pointer by the Cavaliers, Mavericks victory, but the Spurs a virtue – Boris Diaw of a record long shot pass。 Ellis makes a headache Spurs, Manu Ginobili continue to cause trouble。
  This series has entered the life and death, the results become unpredictable。 Predictably, the higher the chances of the team won the fifth war, the final clearance。   Carter said was right, to come forward today, it was his own, but Dirk Nowitzki in the first three quarters still Nizushenxian。   After the opening two minutes, Mavericks center Samuel Dalembert on a sprained ankle as well, but fortunately the injury is not serious, then return。 Spurs head start, Parker scored eight points in the middle of this section within two minutes, the Spurs 21-8 to obtain 13-point advantage。
Calderon also to a record one-third, the Mavericks rebounded state。 This section there are 4 minutes and 12 seconds, Duncan was in the basket Carter cap, under the Carter angry Duncan pushed off, eat a foul。
After Carter hit third, the Mavericks 15-3 to end a wave of this section, chasing the score 26-27 in one fell swoop。
Spurs in this section last 5 minutes 26 seconds, only to hit a ball, double-digit advantage comes and goes fast。   Carter II third hit twice calf 42-42 to tie in this section there are 6 minutes and 39 seconds。
But for the rest of this section, the Mavericks actually do not go shooting, free throws alone, after the Spurs play 16-7 to 58-49 halftime lead。
  Marion started the second half on the shooting, the Mavericks finally regain the feeling of attack。
Since Calderon hit the third, Ellis also succeeded long shot, but the Spurs once or extended the advantage to double digits。 Mavericks once the gap to 5 points, but the last three minutes of this section in trouble again, only to hit a ball, after three, behind them to 71-79。   Ginobili hit three-pointers, Split succeeded twice in the basket, the Spurs 87-75 in the fourth quarter in order to rapidly expand the。
Dirk Nowitzki finally get angry, the pre-holiday 6 shots in, but on defense, the Mavericks still powerless, the two sides still maintain a certain gap。   Carter in the game 2 minutes 58 seconds to vote in the third, the Mavericks will be chasing the score 94-98。
After Nowitzki defender Akira, get open shots, but unfortunately failed to hit。 Parker is no longer breathing space to the opponent, the decisive two-thirds vote, the Spurs to regain the advantage of 7 points。   Although the Mavericks turn narrow the gap to 5 points, but Tim Duncan and Tony Parker scored four points in the game more seconds, they lead to 105-96, the Mavericks did not give chance。 (Angkor)。