Cash loan business bad debt provision rose two thousand three hundred forty-five 9.600 million impairment reserve | cash loans

  Beijing Daily News (reporter Liu Shuangxia) subject to regulatory impact, has contributed to the growth performance of listed companies cash loan business and now has become a "burden"。 Shanghai A-share listed company network Holding Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "two thousand three hundred forty-five") issued a public notice, to be provision for impairment of other current assets gold billion yuan, an annual increase of 100% compared with 2016。   And this billion mainly due to the impairment of assets in the reporting period in cooperation with licensed financial institutions, the rapid development of the Internet consumer finance business, resulting in substantial growth in loans and advances amount of bad debt losses caused by the company should bear the corresponding increase in the cause。
  It is understood that two thousand three hundred forty-five carry cash loan business loans through 2345 Wang applications。
Rely on cash loan business, two thousand three hundred forty-five financial technology business in mid-2017 first half net profit reached billion, jumped% over ten thousand yuan in the first half of 2016, gross margin as high as%。
  However, the crazy cash loans industry halted in December。 Last December 1, issued Internet financial regulation Office "notification service." "About norms rectify the" cash loans, clearly without getting lending business qualification according to the law, any organization or individual may engage in lending business; required to suspend payment without a specific scene relying no small loans earmarked network。   With the supervision of the boot floor, cash loans industry usher in reform, two thousand three hundred forty-five not spared。
Two thousand three hundred forty-five disclosure of information display, according to company statistics on historical data, the lower the longer the loan period corresponding receivables of the actual reimbursement rate, the borrower time over four months (including 4 months) receivables The actual reimbursement rate is very low key, and because a long time overdue loan, the borrower repayment will lead to higher collection costs lower。 Mid-fourth quarter of 2017 Internet consumer finance market environment changed greatly, causing bad debt rate has increased, so the larger provision for asset impairment amount growth rate。
  Beijing Daily Reporter noted that two thousand three hundred forty-five also seeking cash loan business transformation。
2345 King of the loan application shows that 2345 was also the king of the loan gigabyte card loans, 51 back chanting, seven days credit and other lending platform provides access to similar loans supermarket model。
However, loans supermarket model is not turning our key direction。 Last November 7th, two thousand three hundred forty-five announcement said the affected areas of Internet financial market environment changes, the original plan launched a "financial supermarket Internet project," yet the use of funds raised to invest, because the state of the relevant industrial policies in the future adjustment of uncertainty, the company is scheduled to carry out a "financial supermarket Internet project" may be affected to some extent, so as to maximize the protection of the interests of all shareholders, the company plans to abolish the "financial supermarket Internet project" to raise funds and make the appropriate changes。