Many raised mortgage interest rates after the Spring Festival strictly control related to housing finance or annual keynote | CITIC Bank

  Source: Economic Information Daily □ reporter Xu Haibo Beijing, Wuhan Liang Qian reported recently, he was broke paused over 200 million individual housing mortgage loans in Beijing。
CITIC Bank official said that since March 2017, the state has increased the deployment of the real estate market regulation work, adhere to the "house used to live, not to fry" positioning, background in Beijing, "because of the city Shi policy" under CITIC Bank resolutely implement the national policy on the real estate market regulation, credit policy related products in Beijing timely adjustments, conduction, floor。   "Economic Information Daily" reporter learned that, although the Beijing area other measures to follow up the state accusing him yet, but a number of banks have first mortgage interest rates go up 10%。   In fact, not only around Beijing, the Chinese New Year and more mortgage interest rates increase。 Case From Hubei Province, Wuhan market after the Spring Festival, the first mortgage interest rates generally go up 20%, two suites interest rates go up 30%。
Zhuhai Industrial and Commercial Bank from the beginning of February the first implementation of the first mortgage interest rates go up 15%, Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Construction Bank, three banks from starting February 1 began implementing policies first mortgage up 10%, while the majority shareholding small and medium banks first set Mortgage interest rates have to be adjusted to float around 15% at the beginning of this year。
  Hubei a local bank told reporters that this year the People's Bank to the head office at 10 billion line of credit a little more than in previous years, a lot of reduction compared to what each branch of the Bank are to grab the head office of credit, "even corporate loans are not met, not to mention the mortgage. "。
  Centaline Dawei, chief analyst analysts believe that this year's line of credit to continue tight lending rates continue to rise。
360, according to financial analysis, banks began to pause once more room repay loans, the market liquidity will suddenly tense, real estate investment enthusiasm will be a further blow to real estate speculators。
  Insiders said, tightening mortgage occur under the context of reducing leverage, in addition to efforts to reduce corporate debt ratio, also proposed to suppress the residents of leverage, while residents of the leverage ratio is the main cause of rising mortgage growth。
Overall mortgage interest rates go up, but also in response to "the house is used for living, not for speculation," the call control housing prices, curb investment demand is an important policy orientation。   For this adjustment, CITIC Bank stressed that the adjustment will not affect the normal purchase of Beijing residents and business credit demand。
  "In the continuity of policy tightening policy tone or become full-year 2018。 "An industry source said, the current market, the lending policy tightening is inevitable, regardless of size variation of loanable funds, or the bank itself guard against financial risks, such loans will be tightened in terms of。