Hong Kong students and parents nearly 70% of respondents never heard of vocational education professionals

BEIJING, Sept. 5, according to Ming Pao News Network reported that in recent years society to promote vocational education professionals, Hong Kong Bauhinia Foundation Research Center issued a research report, we found that Hong Kong parents and students lack understanding of vocational education, nearly 70% of respondents students and parents never heard of vocational education professionals, many respondents agreed that vocational education and practical, but generally see it as a second-class selection。 Bauhinia Foundation commissioned the University of Hong Kong from June to December last year through questionnaires, telephone surveys and focus group discussions, visit 2493 people, including 1699 parents and 794 students perception of vocational education and training。
The study found that less than two percent of respondents believe that students and parents vocational education professionals to obtain equivalent professional qualifications and knowledge。
The research team interviews found that many students are interested in new career, but some parents still tend to lawyers and other traditional occupations。
Teach a large research team pointed out that the positioning of vocational education in Hong Kong is not clear and lack of acceptability, students and parents convergence of vocational education is also a lack of confidence, a number of respondents see it as practical but not professional。
Bauhinia suggested that colleges and universities can work experience included working adults admission scores can increase the chance of working adults convergence of higher education。
Other recommendations include the addition of junior professional experience courses, the Diploma of Applied Learning test subjects and other subjects using the same reference rating, in order to enhance the acceptability of the related subjects at university newspaper, etc.。 Asked recommended the establishment of vocational education college admission, does it mean that students will eventually need to point to college, Bauhinia Foundation Vice Chairman Liu Ming-wai said that vocational education and enroll in college, the two are not contradictory, mainly in the hope to improve vocational education acceptability sex, on the other hand young people have the opportunity to enroll in university convergence, providing more different way。
He said many students and parents still enroll in university, as the primary objective, I believe that will take longer to change the social acceptability and the idea of vocational education, parents want their children to understand their own strengths。