Foot sprain recovery method how to restore the fastest foot sprain

[Lead] sprained foot is always a troublesome thing, many of my friends do not know how to deal with sprains, here Xiaobian recommend several nursing a sprained foot treatment and recovery for everyone, and I hope to help everyone。 First, care measures: 1, to distinguish between the severity of the injury if the foot sprain can be discreet stand barely walk, indicating mild sprain, may dispose of their own。
If there is a sprained foot pain after ankle activities, can not be discreet stand or even move, according to local pain in the bones, and gradually swollen, indicating possible sprain to the bone, should immediately go to hospital for treatment radiography。
Sprained foot how to restore the fastest way to restore the 2 foot sprain, proper use of hot and cold sprain early rupture of small blood vessels bleeding, this time can be cold, the blood vessels coagulation, control the development of injury。
After 24 hours, ruptured blood vessels to stop bleeding, heat available at this time, to promote the dissipation of congestion around the sprain。 48 hours after the injury, the available hot water or hot towel affected area, can also be heated vinegar soaked injured ankle (2 day soak?3 times, soak for 15 minutes)。
Both methods can promote local tissue blood circulation, speed up the absorption of local tissue congestion and exudate, help repair damaged tissue。
3, the correct initial local rubbing sprain sprains, hematoma to do the continuous press method is better; do rubbing method after 24 hours, the swelling in the center, in all directions around rub rub。
4 foot sprain, sprained how rational drug use early recovery method to recover the fastest foot sprain, without internal medicine, not topical promoting blood circulation drugs, so more blood, more swelling, quickly spray the wound with a good point, if necessary You will feel comfortable point。
After 24 hours, some oral Yunnan Baiyao, bone pills, Huoxuezhitong scattered, then topical tigers Dan, after the swelling do not have the drugs internally and externally。
5, pay attention to diet after a sprained foot, pay attention to diet, avoid, coriander and other spicy foods。
In addition, you can eat some protein foods and soup。 Such as: beans,, soup bones, etc.。
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