Can not defend!Brazil almost everyone dare to fire a brace of birds violence

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night Sports Network June 11 reported: the face of the world Austria, Brazil harvested a victory of 26, the ball 65 percent of the audience shot 10 times in 16 target, scored three goals, if not the goalkeeper and door frames outstanding performance, Selecao entirely possible in the final warm-up match before the World Cup harvest half a dozen goals。?Opponents of the group, saw five-star performance of the Brazilian struck the first blow, I am afraid calf cramps are some of the bar?Brazil's opening stage into the slow condition, the Austrians got the absolute first opportunity, but shot over the bar 阿瑙托维奇 nearby, escaped the Selecao gradually put pressure on library birds arc line ball attack Qiangdian a header and sister team opened Kuanggong prelude。Jesus break the scoring deadlock, the Brazilian team from a wave of offensive combination of boxing, Paul left the restricted area low shot Paulinho, if not a knee-jerk goalkeeper blocked, apparently will directly fly goal net。After the break the deadlock, the Brazilian team played more freely, control of the scene more handy, the last half hour of the second half, holds around seventy percent possession of the Selecao again force, the core team Neymar with a wonderful man show to expand the score, but also completely killed the game suspense。After Kudiniao with former Liverpool based Friends of Phil Camino connection pole broke; thereafter, Paulinho had a game his second scoring opportunities, but once again his thunderous volley was goalkeeper resolved , also received a small inner cross show a foot inside the Loop, but inexorably door beam emitted reject his wonderful。 Match, the Brazilian team shot 16 pairs of 10 dominant Shots 10 pairs 2, except that opportunity 阿瑙托维奇 Austria, only the last moments of long shots to Allison Randall Hill to a certain threat, it should be said, before the World Cup group stage war, Brazil and finally get this warm-up is an unquestionable victory, but victory in nearly half the time in the case of stay in force。Seven days later, the Brazilian team will usher in the first group stage opponents, but also very likely the most powerful enemy Swiss group stage, 10 days after that, they will have played in St. Petersburg and Moscow, against Costa Rica Central America and Eastern Europe Serbia, the current state of the Selecao, if nothing else, to win the top the group should be Tannangquwu like an easy thing, the real test will only appear in the knockout stages。