CCTV beauty reporter interviewed revealed details Fonte: he came to call China

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night Sports Network June 21 report: Beijing the evening of June 20, Portugal in the second round group stage 1-0 defeat of Morocco won the first win, qualify prospects were bright。And after the game, the CCTV reporter Wang Nan in the mixed mining area to interview played for Dalian, one of the Portuguese defender Fonte, while Wang Nan said the abundance of natural Texin an interview just because he shouted: "Made in China"。 Wang Nan in her personal social networking platform wrote: "Wundt last through the mixing zone, press officer escorted let him interview, should be afraid of wasted time。I quickly shouted, "We come from China Central Television," Wundt told press officer, said, "China", meaning it is this child you can not stop me, so smiling over, then rub our CNN。"I do not know played for Dalian, China's special intimacy; or because the sponsor's sake, Fontenay media this can be said of China's move is a very friendly。And such "preferential treatment" really made Chinese media in front of their foreign counterparts exposed face: people is willing to accept our interview, you envy useless?。Fonte This preferential treatment is not the precedent of Chinese reporters, Wang Nan said that the former days when Iceland goalkeeper Haerduosong interview, the press officer said quietly queued they can help Chinese media inserted a team, because you sponsors。