Twice won unanimous MVP still being questioned?The new library wants more

  2017-2018 season is about to ignite the flames of war, – Stephen Curry led his warriors embark on a new journey。 This time, they face a siege from the league's more vicious。 Golden State but all people know that there are Curry, they are still on the planet most fierce fire Iron Army……Last season, Curry with the fourth score Alvin Wong – Durant share the ball, but his efficiency and the fire did not cool。
Field sharing, rebounds, assists and steals……The data is even better than his first MVP season。 Even Durant seamless fit with the Warriors, Curry is still the fifth consecutive year crowned the team in scoring……The so-called wood show in the forest, the wind will destroy。 Warriors two championships in three years, breaking the regular season wins record, but also suffered a lot of criticism。
Curry for the soul of this team, there are many people questioned his ambition and strength of character。 But as history's first unanimous MVP, but Curry hit back with their own unique way all doubts。   Curry told the world that the best way of his ambitions with data and personal honor than it is to win a championship meet。 He wanted to do, it is by Tianwei cause。   What's more, he would have had to prove their personal capacity。 The team also far from strong to cover up the glorious Curry。 He is still one of the league's best superstar。 In the United States the authority of the media rankings, Curry is still the fourth highest……More frightening is that Curry will not stop。
He was not yet 30 years of age, there is still room for growth。 In fact, as the great – Michael Jordan who, at 29 years of age, but also "only" two championships。
As Curry said himself: "I have been very hard, but I have more ambition, more expectations……"In order to meet the greater ambition, he wants to achieve more success, more MVP, All-Star Game more, more incredible ultra-long-range jumper, a more rigorous field training……Of course, he needs is more perfect support and protection。
Curry4 devoted Curry requirements for their higher, the desire for more achievements。   Curry4 generations of strong science and technology will bring you more robust grip, better comfort and more comfortable control of。
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