Chinese Foreign Ministry in response to injection of EU infrastructure funds: is studying

First, the invitation of State Councilor Yang Jiechi, Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam and Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh will be held June 17 to 19 in China, Yang Jiechi, State Councilor and co-chaired the eighth meeting of the Steering Committee for Bilateral Cooperation。  Second, the invitation to Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Bert hole Dells will be June 18 to 19 official visit to China。  Q: According to British media reports, the British side that China and Russia have been deciphered Snowden leaked confidential documents, and had to withdraw British intelligence officers。What comment does China?Whether those documents have been deciphered?  A: I do not understand the situation。  Q: It is reported that recently, China and the representatives of the six-party talks met for the issue to restart the six-party talks and exchanged views。China's position on whether to restart the six-party talks has changed?Does China think the DPRK nuclear weapons without prior freezing facilities can restart the six-party talks?  A: First, China and South Korea respectively in the case of the United States and head of the six-party meeting, we have released the news, I have no further supplement。China's position on the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula has not changed, we are firmly committed to the denuclearization of the peninsula, firmly committed to maintaining peace and stability on the peninsula, the parties firmly committed to dialogue and consultation, through political means, properly resolve relevant issues。  Q: It is reported that China and Venezuela signed an economic agreement in 2007。How does China view the progress on cooperation?Some critics say the agreement is more conducive to China's access to energy resources。What is China's comment?  A: Venezuela is China's important trade partners in Latin America。In recent years, both the equality and mutual benefit, common development, to carry out a wide range of practical cooperation in the energy, infrastructure, high technology, manufacturing, finance these areas, in particular social housing, emergency power plants, building materials factory, car factory, mobile phone factory and a series of projects have been completed or put into operation, these projects total in Venezuela produced nearly 3 million jobs。It can be said large scale pragmatic cooperation between China and Venezuela, the field is very wide, very good results, it produced good social and economic benefits, but also brought tangible benefits to the two peoples。China is ready to work with Venezuela to further expand bilateral pragmatic cooperation in various fields, to further benefit the two peoples。  Q: It is reported that unnamed US official has said China-related hackers steal confidential background information submitted by the US military and intelligence personnel safety check, US Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid also claimed that the attack is related to Chinese hackers as。what opinions do the Chinese have on this issue?  A: This "anonymous" too much gossip, we have no time to take the time to get them Comments。About about the statement made by Senator Reid, I would say, in recent years, the international community hear and see the most is a lot of information about the United States engaged in the illegal disclosure of network activity。For a long time, the United States in violation of international law and basic norms governing international relations, foreign dignitaries, business, personal conduct large-scale, organized theft and network monitoring, surveillance activities, was widely condemned around the world and international public opinion。US concerned do not forget, on cyber attacks and theft issues, the United States still owes the international community a confessed。Trying to change the subject to muddle through is not working。Before groundless accusations against other countries, it might put its own thing clear, to make themselves more convincing some of the sounds。  Q: It is reported that the DPRK test-fired three missiles yesterday。What is your comment on North Korea move?  A: The situation on the peninsula is still at a relatively complicated and sensitive situation。We hope relevant parties will be able to avoid actions that could lead to further tension and complicate the action, but should meet each other halfway, to take a more conducive to easing tension on the peninsula, the final act in favor of the resumption of dialogue。  Q: Recently, there are tens of thousands of Japanese in Tokyo held a rally to protest the Abe government to ignore the Constitution, acts of Congress attempted to force through the security bill。What is China's comment?  A: The Japanese militarists launched a war of aggression in the last century, to China and other Asian countries caused great disaster。In the process of Japanese militarism embarked on, the majority of Japanese people deceived, and ultimately become victims and victims of war。  Today, the Japanese people and the Japanese people of insight do not want to repeat the national conscience, remain on high alert for the Japanese government policies and activities in the field of military security, stick to the requirements of the peace constitution, it is understandable。  Q: According to European media reports, China is willing to fund EU infrastructure funding。Could you confirm and provide more details?  A: China is studying issues related to。  Q: According to Chinese media reports, the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) outbreak in South Korea, the Chinese airline reduced the number of flights to South Korea in response to the outbreak。Could you introduce to prevent MERS outbreak in China, the Chinese have taken measures?  A: Regarding the reduction of flights you said, I have not heard of the situation in this regard。As China's measures to deal with the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome taken, my colleagues in the press conference last week has been to introduce the relevant circumstances, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Chinese Embassy and consulates in South Korea in South Korea and have been reminded about to go to South Korea Chinese citizens take the necessary protective measures。At the same time, we at border crossings also taken the necessary measures are in line with those responsible for the Chinese citizens and other citizens of the State attitude。