Detailed data Harden defensive rating!He has become a league upstream defender

  Beijing March 21, according to US media reports, authoritative, James – Harden led Houston Rockets this season, played the league record, Harden himself was regarded as the MVP favorites。 But Harden's defense if there is a change it?An expert in the United States – believe Alama, Harden's defense has greatly changed, and then laugh at Harden's defense is not the objective of the vulnerability bit。
  You may have seen some of the funny pictures or video, content Harden is on the pitch some defensive mistakes, those things like a set of satirical compilation of highlights, nothing more than the expression of doubt and ridicule Harden defensive。
But these things also reflect a problem – Harden defensive Is there really a problem, it really affect the rocket out of the West?  Now, according to NBA defensive basketball Index (BPI), 8 rockets in the league, then, Harden's defense have much impact it?Whether his defensive problems have been exaggerated it?  According to NBA data given in the deep, we can analyze the effect of Harden defensive and offensive skills in the face of different ways, and then compare the performance of his history (dating back to the 2013-14 season), you can see changes in the defense Harden in the end It is progressed or regressed。   In addition, but also the performance of other guard Harden's performance compared with the alliance, can see Harden's performance in the end is what level, the league average is C, the top 25% of B, A is the top 5%。
  Defensive breakthrough: A- (this season), B + (after the season) is undeniable, Harden did often break, seems to be a little ugly scene, but also often made video。 But in fact, Harden breakthrough performance in the defense or good。 Although he was too much, but he is also very good at passing or oppress opponents force opponents mistakes。 Harden resulting in the chance of a breakthrough this season, defensive turnovers of 7%, when the opponent or cut shot from the right under the basket, then Harden can effectively interfere with them, reducing their efficiency scores。   Pick and roll defense ball people: C + (this season), B + (after the season) those who want to be happy black Harden, Harden pick and roll defense because the ball did drop a person's performance。
When the pick and roll defense before he let the ball only 39% chance of people shot, every shot can only get points, and now, these two data are up to 42% and points。   But it is also a reason, probably because Harden's defense in the current system have more steals。
Harden adds steals the pick and roll defense, but for the Rockets, this is not the right of return, because if Harden steals mistake, it will create opportunities for opponents。
  Defensive Low: A- (this season), B (after the season) Similarly, the data show, Harden in his entire career is a solid low-post defender。 Harden's improvement this season, mainly to improve the defense on the left side of the lane。 Prior to a few seasons, Harden struggled a bit in this position, and now he has improved, he no longer needs to double-team – he had the left side of defense in the paint, there is an 11% chance teammates need to double-team defense, and this。Season, his double-team help rate has fallen to%。   Overall defensive Rating: B (the season), B- (previous season)。   Once you understand Harden defensive reality is far more than the number of pick and roll defense and defensive three seconds to break, then you should know that Harden was a solid B defender – a little more than before the performance upgrade some。
  Harden is not outside the main gate-level players, but his performance is also above average, with Chris when he – when partner Paul – Paul is the league's top perimeter defender – Rockets the league's top overall defense, if not, too to enter the top ten league。
This data is very important – since the 2000-01 season, the Los Angeles Lakers win, no team before any defensive top ten away can win the championship。   (Cushions da)。