"Mine" a high percentage of shareholders of listed companies pledge to automatically drop lever

High leverage associated risk, the actual control of listed companies, shareholders are not without this vigilance。In fact, as early as the beginning of this year, they have been major shareholders of listed companies, the head of a premonition that the problem。A listed company has Shangzheng Bao told reporters: "Earlier this year, we began to take the initiative to remind the major shareholder lever down, is now one step down in the security line, the purpose is to eliminate hidden dangers closing stock pledge。"From the latest announcement of view, to New Century shares represented by some listed companies and in fact the accused, the shareholders have been aware of the problem of high leverage, cash assets, raise and allocate funds to implement 'active lever down'。  "Active lever drop" case to increase Kaiyuan shares, for example, the end of June, said the persons acting in concert largest shareholder Luo Xudong pledged to lift 800 million shares, representing the total share capital of the company 2.36%。It was a premature termination of the pledge, pledge its start date is mid-November 2017。  The latest announcement shows that as of the end of June, Luo Xudong holds about 40 million shares of New Century shares, the total share capital of 11.79%, pledged a total of about 1829 million shares, accounting for 45 shares held.68%, accounting for the total share capital of 5 New Century shares.39%。The end of the first quarter with more than 3100 million shares pledged scale, at present, Luo Xudong pledged to reduce the number of shares by about 12 million。  A quarterly, Luojian Wen, Luo Xudong, 15 were holding Luohua Dong.90%, 12.70% 3.20% shares of the actual controller for the New Century。Wherein the ratio of Luojian Wen pledged in only about 20%。  "Performance of listed companies and business development is no problem, the shareholders will be emboldened。"New Century shares official told reporters Shangzheng Bao。2017 annual report, shares of New Century "Instrument + Education" good double main industry, annual revenue of nearly 10 billion yuan, an increase of 187.67% of net profit after deducting non-recurring gains and losses of about 1.5.4 billion yuan, an increase of 4203.28%。It is in favorable business conditions, "most of the major shareholders pledge to lift, lower leverage and risk, the equivalent of eliminating the risk of possible future of listed companies is a good thing。"The sources said the shares Kaiyuan。  More than a major shareholder, New Century shares of other shareholders are actively lowering lever。"We also remind the rest of the shareholders to reduce leverage, and some have been down a lot, is working to further reduce。"Correspondent noted that the end of last year, Kaiyuan share price at 20 yuan / share above (before re right, the same below), experienced market volatility this year, the latest share price of 13.42 yuan / share。Obviously, part of the shareholders premature termination of the pledge in a timely manner to reduce leverage, the Kaiyuan share price significantly reduced pressure。  In addition to New Century shares, shareholders of many listed companies recently selected solutions of charge in advance。As major shareholders Intime resources Chengshao Liang its pledge to GF Securities 4230 million shares on June 11 pledge to lift handling procedures。Start Date sum pledged to June 5, the due date for the June 5, 2019。There are similar cases LAF home, and its controlling shareholder Wu Guiqian May 29 pledge to 611 million shares of Haitong Securities has been released in the June 15 pledge, and pledge this sum was due to expire in 2020, March 27。  According to statistics, nearly two weeks (June 18 to June 29), major shareholders of listed companies to lift the share pledge (and is no longer new pledge) announcement intensive release, a total of more than 150, over the same period last month, is about 130 last year only more than 110, an increase over the ring were highly trend。  Help prevent "risk categories" pledge to lift cases increased convey what kind of signal?  In response, brokerage analysts: This is mainly in the trend of de-leveraging, the main shareholder of some listed companies have been aware of the risks, we began to take the initiative to reduce leverage by solving the charge in advance, control risk。This may also reflect a considerable part of the shareholders of the cash flow from the side there is no problem。  From past cases to see, when the listed company's share price in the following pledge warning line, the measures taken by shareholders of listed companies generally include supplemental pledge, and pledge to lift the suspension and other requirements。The brokerage told reporters: "The high proportion of shareholders of listed companies pledge, in the present market conditions, the pledge is only supplementary delay means, not the most effective way to reduce risk, requiring the suspension does not preclude will fall into a more passive situation。Disarmament pledge is the real root of the problem。"" Active lever down, on the one hand protects against the risk of open positions fell under extreme market brings, on the one hand can cope with the impact of variables from institutions, such as brokerages and other shrink the size of the equity pledge to bring business。"A listed company executives told reporters。  In fact, in the context of deleveraging, shares of listed companies pledge business has been gradually tightened。Earlier this year, the Securities Industry Association released the "Securities companies involved in stock pledged repo transaction risk management guidelines" and implement。Brokerage stocks have accordingly begun to tighten mortgage business。A brokerage stakeholders in the stock pledge business, told reporters, "the guidelines came out, a lot of funding channels are tightened, and now (the pledge) did not do, the regulatory environment out there, and we also worry about the risk of the occurrence of open。"The source further said:" Compared to the past, and now a new pledge for the project, in addition to financing may be higher, we will pay more attention to the texture of the underlying listed companies, liquidity, performance, growth and other indicators, many strict requirements than the original。"It is for these changes, shareholders of listed companies drop lever seems to be emerging trends。In this regard, some market participants said, "Overall, the major shareholders of listed companies to raise funds to clean up the cash part of the assets, the initiative to reduce the proportion of pledged shares are ways to reduce the risk of。The current number of listed companies and large shareholders take the initiative to lift part of the pledge, is a useful attempt。"However, the market risk of the equity pledge not worry too much。Recently, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange have said publicly pledge business risk overall control。June 26, the Shanghai Stock Exchange said that the Shanghai stock average mortgage ratio of 181% performance guarantee, pledge of shares the total market value accounted for 3% of the total market value of Shanghai stock market, which is lower than the open market value of the collateral line of stock in the Shanghai Stock Exchange total market capitalization the accounting for less than 0.2%。Called the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Shenzhen stock average mortgage (pledged by market capitalization weighted average) ratio of 223% performance guarantee。  Risks related news