A big thing of!Ericsson Ruihua and a number of management accounts of the dossier is temporarily suspend

June 12 morning, the market rumors Securities Regulatory Commission to suspend income Ericsson, Ruihua, Zhonghua, Xinghua, caused by the same, UOB and refinancing of starting material。  Subsequently, the 21st Century Business Herald reporter to verify the authenticity of the message to the industry。  A large brokerage investment bank executives told reporters that the company issued a notice in the morning, "said a colleague recently went to the Commission intends to submit the issue of the admissibility of the application materials, please note: Ericsson, Ruihua, Dahua, Xinghua, Zhonghua, caused by the same issued, the Ministry and the Ministry did not receive the material listed。"" Mainly responsible for issuing IPO and refinancing, head of mergers and acquisitions of listed。This means that all Commission accounting of the project will be suspended。"Southern, a brokerage investment bank said。  "Specific reasons not clear, there is speculation that project out of the question。"The executives told reporters。In fact, before this week, there were already rumors Ruihua, Da Hua Certified Public Accountants and three other investigations by the SFC, the listed unit charge has been suspended material。  Accounting is more than the declared material suspend temporarily caused shock in the industry, is a great thing to be considered, because these will be where the market share occupied an important。  It is understood that the club temporarily suspend the material does not have an impact on the trial project。  Further reading June 12, six accounting firm was suspended when the IPO and refinancing application materials regarding the uproar, an internal Ericsson accounting firm issued by some media broke。The document said the suspended material declaration is due to the introduction of article 138, about the time the node, similar businesses and other specific explanatory documents there are differences within the regulatory authorities, in order to better resolve their differences, so suspended accepting applications。Currently, internal regulators have reached a consensus, we will soon be able to solve。(Previously reported) "line" learned from the two partners at Ericsson, none of them had received a net transfer files。  For this, the "first line" call Zhu Lixin, chairman of the first, he clearly responded that the internal network is not clear regarding the transfer of dispatch, and has repeatedly stressed, "is false, rumors on the phone。"He also said that an internal investigation of the matter Ericsson is the source of hope extraordinary period not to confuse。(Source: first-line) Related reports