Anti-fry oil lost into the "pan" 38 days tragic loss of 430,000 yuan court Panpei 70%

In recent years, there have been a variety of community on spot crude oil, tea, culture and art, precious metals trading platform, many investors were lured into participating in heavy losses。Popular Securities News "public defenders easy" column since its inception, received a number of investors to consult whether the losses could be claimed。On the eve of "3.15", we find a crude cheated investors scrambled, his claims experience and share the hope to help more deceived investors recoup their losses。  Fried loss of more than 40 million of crude oil in January, Hebei investors are tempted telemarketing Sun in 2015, joined the ranks of fried oil, has invested 120 million yuan and 38 days loss of 43.580,000 yuan。Sun now recall that he was also cheated go step by step。  Sun told the "public rights Easy" column correspondent, during that time stranger suddenly added his micro letter, and he talked a little about oil investment, he is all right, when to talk, know this thing fried oil, but I have not been tempted。"Suddenly one day, I got a call," Mr. Sun said, "but also said that crude oil fried things, because before to find out about, and he chatted more specific phone, but the clerk to speak have more affinity, to talk about the return, the contents of profits in this area, repeatedly advised me to give it a try。They said this place is more formal, the level is higher than elsewhere。"At that time the clerk told Mr. Sun, an analyst because of their high level here, it must be 100,000 yuan to open an account, but if you take a moment out so much money, you can put three or fifty thousand yuan try。  Sun Trade and Industry Bureau to check on this company really is the formal registration of the company。In this way, even before the stock did not roasted Sun move the heart, sleepwalk pulled in, and acquire 3 million accounts, software installation are remote salesman to help him complete。  First deal, Sun earned $ 2000 under the guidance of analysts。Tasted the sweetness, Mr. Sun and increasing investment。After the first few times profit, sales are getting closer to contact with Sun, will be able to go to work every morning they received a phone。Just then there was a turning point, Mr. Sun said: "I hinted salesman, teacher to give red envelopes of money or gifts。Later, my ability to analyze this is a routine, so I feel I am a teacher of grace, this thing really is more scientific, more after the bombing he angles for you, make you lose judge right and wrong。"This is when the teacher came out to speak, let me continue, large buy。It had previously been single-handedly with both hands so you buy, at most 5 hand。This time he let me buy 50 hand, this sum invested about 70 million yuan。  After buying human spirit of high tension, the evening before a small profit a little, Mr. Sun said: "Because more money invested, I was nervous, just like the teacher said the settlement is not possible。The teacher said no, so continue to wait。Later, the situation began to reverse, the teacher assured me it does not matter, listen to him。Later loss strike it big, he still told me not to move until the last warehouse explosion。"After the event, Mr. Sun felt something in the online search-related content, and found some nominal exchange fee is earned you actually want to make your principal。Sun did not pay less commission in the transaction process。"For example, I deal 600,000 yuan, he wants to charge me 50,000 yuan fee。"Mr. Sun said," Now I know, this is a gamble, the exchange said that the international gambling market, electronic trading is actually a bet to you to determine the right to make money, lose money misjudged。Actually Exchange in power, and I bet it, I won the bet, win it's money, it won the bet to take my money。If he wanted to win my money, let me Analyst wrong direction。"Although the use of legal weapons to recover losses through its own operations and Mr. Sun, earn some of the make up for the previous losses, but still more than a month down the loss of more than 40 million。Sun decided to use the law to protect their interests weapons, he found a lawyer。  Such companies are very experienced, according to Sun's attorney, on Haiming Lun Wang Zhibin law firm lawyers, Mr. Sun was the exchange called "Precious Metal Trader Limited Liaoning in Northeast Asia," the beginning and did not inquire to any of the company's Business information。Wang said the lawyer: "Often this means that the company is being renamed or transfer of registration, after many inquiries, finally found that the company has been renamed 'financial assets Sansei Dalian Exchange Limited' (hereinafter referred to as" Dalian juniors')。Although the company changed its name to sue us created some obstacles, but in the law, the company changed its name does not affect the company's external legal liability。"After the Shanghai Pudong New Area People's Court hearing, the court finds that: Sansei company does not have a business scope spot trading varieties of oil, even if the company signed with Dalian Century" strategic cooperation agreement "does not alter the defendant Sansei company's business range。In this case, the plaintiff accused Sansei company absorbed into the trading platform "East oil business" transactions, the use of forced liquidation measures in the transaction process, resulting in the loss of the plaintiff suffered the defendant's conduct is clearly at fault, that the plaintiff the loss should bear the primary responsibility。The plaintiff in the case of unfinished careful review, the company will open an account with the defendant at the juniors and involved in the transaction, there are some fault, should bear some responsibility。Loss of 30 court the defendant company to compensate Mr. Sun juniors 70%.510,000 yuan。  After the first trial, the defendant Sansei company appealed against the decision, on March 1 appealed to the Shanghai First Intermediate People's Court。Mr Suen said: "In the first instance court, the judge asked if the parties agree to mediation, the other company offered to pay half of the losses can。I think they definitely feel that there are irregularities only offered to a settlement on their own business scope, mode of operation, and now appeal also does not account for the truth they know, the appeal is to the time delay compensation。" 'Easy public defenders' column reporter also tried to contact the company whose son, know the truth。Sun provided to the telephone company changed its name in front of reporters, has been shut down。After that, we call a Sansei company's attorney Xiao Min, he said: "I do not accept the interview, the company will not be interviewed。Now in the court proceedings which, we is not convenient to comment。"Reporter asked:" The company has no qualifications fry oil?"Xiao Min said:" the court said, Come。"After you hang up the phone。  Crude oil is a multi-fried "black" platform Reporter survey found that of crude oil, oil platform spot transactions require approval of the Ministry of Commerce。However, according to Ministry of Commerce spokesman said that the Ministry never approved any one engaged in crude oil trading market, trading。According to information released by China Securities Regulatory Commission, China's only four futures exchanges, namely Shanghai Futures Exchange, Zhengzhou Futures Exchange, Dalian Futures Exchange and China Financial Futures Exchange。The main business of these exchanges is also no "crude oil" this one。  In reality, investors feel cheated once to the public security organs, because such cases are often highly specialized, inter-provincial city, hard evidence, public security organs generally do not do criminal case, involving financial platform also have nothing to fear, often do not run away , choosing instead to deal with victims and。  In recent years, there have been a variety of spot crude oil, tea, culture and art, precious metals trading platform on the community, these trading platforms are mostly lack of operational qualifications, but most of these products trading model called "spot" is actually " futures, "lured many investors are involved, suffered heavy losses。  Investors in the face of such a trap, it should be how to protect themselves?"Easy public rights" column lawyer reminded investors: "Investors are ubiquitous small loss in such a small enhancement scam, burned nourishing, more make the situation more losses, investors once encountered such fraud, no matter how many losses were should be decisive departure, do not assume that yours。After departure, investors first thing to do is to save transaction records, which is the main evidence for future claims against the member units and trading platform。For still operating trading platform, investors still have a chance to get back all or part of a civil action by investment。"(Original title: fried crude anti-fall 'pan '38 days of losses 430,000 yuan court Panpei 70%) (Editor: DF318)