Billboard Interpretation: institutions sold shares in a hot money 7 1.2.7 billion into the clothes firmly believe

May 31, the two cities rebounded sharply in early trading fell though turned green, but then a strong rebound rally。In the afternoon, the two cities continue to expand gains, was approaching 3,100 points, broad based stock。At the close, stock index rose 1.78%, to 3095.47; 1 up.88%, to close at 10295.73; GEM that up 1.01 percent, to close at 1743.74。The disk, new retail, time shares, cross-border electricity supplier, biological vaccines, sport concept, the concept of millet and other sector gainers。  1, Huatai Securities Hunan Branch to buy a Thai health main daily limit stock opened the day slightly lower, then shock all the way up, obviously pulled up around 14:00, around 14:10 sealed trading board。Data show that net purchases of aspects, Hunan Branch Huatai Securities bought 14.9 million, Quanzhou Wenling North Road, Dongxing Securities bought 14.3 million, Huaxin Securities Shanghai Song Rd buy 11.8 million, to buy the other two are less than the amount of 1000 ten thousand。Net selling terms, selling five of the amount sold was less than 10 million。Huatai Securities in which the hot money involved in Hunan Branch, and other first-tier stock。  2, the main selling agency Huace the stock fell slightly higher on the day, not to clear the down after the opening bell, around 10:30 hit a limit, and since then in a narrow range near the daily limit of late has been pulled up, closing down 8.06%。Billboard data shows that net purchases of respect, deep to buy 18.1 million shares through the other four are less than 10 million purchase amount。Sold a net terms, the three agencies together to sell 1.4.8 billion, the other two are less than the amount sold 10 million。Including the Shenzhen stock shares through private participation。  3, the China Investment Global Center, Hangzhou deep convinced to buy the stock limit limit the opening day, remain high and volatile throughout the day, around 13:30 and sealed the daily limit。Billboard data shows that net purchases of respect, in Hangzhou, China Investment Global Center to buy 1.2.7 billion, China Merchants Securities Beijing North Third Ring Road to buy 70.7 million, Huatai Securities Shanghai Wuding Road to buy 62.6 million, Hai Tong Securities Hongling Road, Shenzhen Branch to buy 64.3 million, CITIC Securities Shanghai Branch to buy 64.1 million。Net selling aspect, Huatai Securities Shanghai Gonghexinlu sold 75.4 million, Yugu Road, Hangzhou Warburg Securities sold 47.9 million, Baoding Road, Shanghai Founder Securities sold 23.4 million, Cinda Securities Liaoyang workers and peasants Street sold 22.6 million, other one actually bought a net。Hangzhou Global Investment in China where the center line of hot money involved in stock。  4, Essence Securities Nanchang main road victory Wencan buy shares of the stock that day Dikaigaozou limit, intraday maintain concussion, shock up late, around 14:40 sealed trading board。Billboard data shows, buying terms, Victory Road, Nanchang Securities bought 20.2 million, Huatai Securities Wuxi Liang Qing Road to buy 15.3 million, Huaxin Securities Fei Jiang Road, Hangzhou, buying 13.1 million, investment securities Guangzhou Zengcheng Lai Heung Road to buy into 11 million, Essence Securities Foshan Nanhai Luo village to buy 11 million。Sell aspects, investment in China Beijing North Third Ring Road sold 13 million, CSC Guangzhou Sports Road sold 10.3 million, the other three are less than the amount sold 10 million。Securities which participate in the stock Nanchang Victory Road。  The same day, the agencies involved in Billboard stocks involving a total of 16 stocks, of which nine were net buyers of stocks mechanism, Rionlon be bought at most for 6672.420,000 yuan。In addition seven institutions were net sellers of stocks, Huace are sold at most, to 13703.160,000 yuan。