How to use sunscreen so used sunscreen more

How to use sunscreen sunscreen is a topic now we are very concerned about, but sunscreen is undoubtedly a good way to sun, then you know in the end how to use sunscreen do the following small series to tell us something about how the proper use of sunscreen , so that a more sunscreen oh!How to use a sunscreen, a key first step to clean the skin sunscreen is good to clean the skin, under the skin in order to clean the case to the next step。
Crush can use a mild cleanser to clean skin, preferably with warm water, avoiding the use of cold or hot water to clean the skin, if the skin is damaged in cleaning time, it will affect the effect of sunscreen sunscreen。
2, sunscreen lotion before painting, done in front of the care required step, the second step is to apply toner after cleansing the skin, the skin is very dry at this time on the need for timely apply toner, replenish moisture to the skin, use sunscreen to avoid skin in the dry state, in that case will damage the skin。 3, after applying lotion to smear a good toner, the next step is applying lotion, and if your skin is very dry, after smearing toner must be timely applying lotion to consolidate moisture lock water into the skin, in the spring and summer, we need to apply lotion to moisturizing the skin, but autumn and winter dry season, we need to apply moisturizing cream to your skin, get prepared for the following sunscreen。 4 how to use sunscreen, sunscreen after cleansing the skin, and apply the toner and lotion, the next step is to apply sunscreen, sunscreen crush at the time, must be spread evenly, do not just apply in cheek site, but also to smear the neck, hairline, chin, ears and arms, back and other parts, to every corner of the skin are not falling, otherwise, does not apply to the site will be tanned。