Treatment of hazardous urticaria urticaria

Hazards, urticaria is a very common type, can be seen directly from the appearance, hives can be a threat to human life, then what are the dangers of hives with hives and small series to see hazards We introduce!Urticaria hazards for quite right people, urticaria is very strange that many people do not know what harm suffered hives, since I do not know, then following small look at it。
First, it comes to endanger human life if had chronic urticaria, as occurs in the larynx and bronchi of the respiratory tract, it can lead to recurrent laryngeal edema, throat clogging feeling appeared, and even shortness of breath, chest tightness, difficulty breathing, accompanied by palpitation, irritability, nausea, severe breathing difficulties to suffocation, life-threatening。
Second, may induce other diseases not know the severity of urticaria patients should feel, hives will lead to other diseases, post-treatment is usually very strenuous complex。
Chronic urticaria usually associated with gastrointestinal symptoms, can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain, gastrointestinal disorders, associated with ulcerative colitis, the main reason for which is pathogenic immune dysfunction。
Thus, when it will likely suffer from urticaria to induce visceral diseases, such as autoimmune hyperthyroidism, may even lead to malignant cells。
And if suffering, then it will lead to infertility and。 Urticaria risks of third, affecting the life and work early onset of chronic urticaria if not resolved, of course it will be very long, sometimes persisting for several months or even several years, early morning or before going to sleep are accompanied by aggravating a serious impact on patient their normal life and psychological state。 Therefore, chronic urticaria have early detection of early treatment, rather than turn a blind eye。
Urticaria symptoms 1.Skin punctures urticaria, artificial urticaria。