Second-person!Jordan can not do this thing done rookie

  Great set off to New York, only to KO Knicks!  Today, fighting off 76 people in New York, the Great wanted something big, my expectation was one up on the legend of Guangdong, Mudi Ai accelerate sudden strong play 2 + 1 Fury: In the Big Apple, but the great loss of face, but etiquette still have, bent down to pull Mudi Ai, greet Madison Square bravado!  Of course, this does not mean that he was beaten clothes, come back to a fake, facing the sea soared in the third response: Next, connect Simmons, ambush in the corner and then soared one-third!  Ah, this group of 76 people wonderful enough, large full-floating outside-thirds vote, the first two teams finished tied。
  Section II up there please buy: Iverson skin Burke debut!  First, false cast real sudden step back, go past the audience anger soared in the distance: Next, pull back coquettish moves!  Coming off the bench 11 minutes, 6 shots in this moment, please call him Trey Burke -AI-。
  Under his bombing, the Knicks single margin of 8 points, while 76 people here rely on a series of Simmons, halftime to 60-68 behind!  Easy side battles, than the thigh shout。
  Recently popular single hand-held ball?  I saw the legend Shandong single hand-held ball, suddenly accelerated away on the right breakthrough, facing Shaqiri, strong play 2 + 1!  91-83, eastern twelfth Knicks, 76ers face the sixth still stay ahead。   However, the distal gotta play up the Great!  The bombing of the basket to empty Megatron New York: attract double teams, feed the ball Simmons, turned crazy chase points!  This may not love the attack Simmons, to completely lit!  I saw him under one arm fast split button: Do not emotion, to Simmons height and arm length, speed, jumping ability, waist, as long as he wanted to concentrate on scoring, averaging 20 absolute cinch。
  But compared to score, and he seems to love his teammates series, a conflict points, easily feed the ball Shaqiri: 107-106,76 people in the last two and a half minutes, and finally achieve the go-ahead, but the Knicks hold the ball。
  But Mudi Ai knowing the penalty area there Caesar, chosen to kill the ball inside, a long arm Bede application, send the nail plate large cap!  Looking back, the great conflict points, the prime minister-third sand end game: 118-110, a single complete reversal of 16 points, have to say, the process has really come, 76 people become more mature, and the whole game, the Great 29 points, 10 assists plate 4, the plate 12 Shaqiri 21 minutes, Covington 15 + 5, and Simmons, 13 points and 10 boards and 12 assists!  Nicks side, Beasley 24 + 7 + 13, Li 16 points, Kantor 14 + 10, 12 + Mu Diai 4, 5 + 6 + 9 Hardaway, Burke 16 points, because Aokui 15+ 10。   Today's MVP, was undoubtedly Simmons, allowing him to get this season: 1,000 points 500 rebounds and 500 assists, becoming the third to do history!  In front of two big God is big?And Magic!  Jordan: Jun tips you then check to determine without me???  Not only that, today's triple-double this season, his eighth triple-double to complete the data in his rookie season, is the history of the second man, came in front of him, only big O, Oscar – Robertson, you're not wrong this time there is no old rogue。
  It is worth mentioning that after the game talking about his history of the second person, but Simmons Egg said: I can score, you can also grab rebounds, the implication is that brother can do whatever they want!  Yes ah, young Simmons, indeed worthy of our expectations。
  The game highlights love basketball, all of whom are here!。