Department of Housing: rising prices pressure countryside reasonable increase residential land supply

Provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Department of Housing and Urban Construction (Construction, premises of the Board, the Planning Board), land and resources departments: to implement the CPC Central Committee and State Council decision to deploy on real estate work, adhere to the "house used to live, not by to fry, "this position, strengthen and improve the supply of housing and land management, improve housing supply and demand, stabilize market expectations, and promote stable and healthy development of the real estate market, relevant matters are hereby notified as follows: First, reasonable arrangements residential land supply (a) strengthen the supply of residential land "five" management control objectives。The obvious contradiction between housing supply and demand, upward pressure on prices of large cities in particular, to a reasonable increase in the ordinary commodity housing land supply scale residential land, to the inventory task to reduce the weight of the city as well as to suspend the supply of residential land。The provincial land and resources departments must follow the "five" (a significant increase, increase, unchanged, appropriate to reduce, reduce until pause) control objectives, strengthen the supervision and guidance of the region's cities and counties residential land supply plan preparation and implementation of annual work, and prefecture-level cities, states in the seat of the AU and millions of people above the county (county-level cities) of the program implementation report once every six months, a summary of land and Resources。  (B) the preparation released as soon as residential land supply three-year rolling plan and medium-term planning。All localities should combine five-year development plan, urban planning, land use planning of the national economy and society, according to the status of housing surveys, demand forecasting and under construction, in the sale of housing and scale, based on local economic and social development and resources, environment, population and other constraints, the preparation of housing development plans and annual plans as soon as possible, co-ordinate arrangements for mid-term (five years) and nearly three years of housing construction land required。Before the end of June 2017, the prefecture-level cities, prefectures and the seat of the AU over the millions of people the county (county-level cities) should complete the preparation of the medium-term supply of residential land (2017-2021 years) and three-year plan (2017-2019 years) rolling plan, known to the public。  (C) ensure a smooth and orderly supply of residential land。All localities should according to commercial housing inventory digestion cycle, adjust the supply of residential land size, structure and timing of the digestion period of 36 months or more, it should stop for the land; 36-18 months, to be reduced for the land; 12-6 months, to increase land supply; less than six months, not only to a significant increase in land supply, but also to speed up the tempo for the land。To establish a fund to buy land around the censorship, to ensure that real estate development enterprises to use its own funds to purchase Compliance。By land and resources and related financial sector review of the financial sources do not meet the requirements, the abolition of land bidding eligibility and prohibited from participating in land within a certain time auction。To the specific circumstances local conditions and the transfer of land, the flexibility to determine the auction, including the "limit prices, competing land", "limited land, competing prices", more than the premium rate a certain percentage of sales of existing homes or competing self-contained area, etc., and resolutely prevent the emergence of regional total, land or new higher floor price situation, to prevent high prices disrupt the market expectations。  Second, grasp the scientific and public housing construction rhythm (iv) accelerate the construction of commodity housing projects in progress。The obvious contradiction between housing supply and demand, housing prices pressure the city to build commercial housing construction projects fast-track administrative examination and approval, improve work efficiency, strict implementation and completion reporting system。To strictly enforce the land use dynamic inspection system, and urge full and timely payment of real estate development enterprise land transfer price, and in strict accordance with the contract and timely construction, completion, accelerate the construction of commodity housing projects and listing rhythm, form an effective supply market as soon as possible。  (E) to strengthen the pre-sale of commodity housing project management。The obvious contradiction between housing supply and demand, upward pressure on prices of large cities, with pre-conditions for the delay in the listing, disguised cover plate of the project, must be severely punished。The implementation of real estate transaction price reporting system, strict implementation of price tag, a room for a price system。Commodity housing projects to strengthen the pre-sale price management, supervision and real estate development companies reasonably priced。  (Vi) increase the effective supply of rental housing。Establish and improve both the purchase of rental housing system, nurture and develop the housing rental market。The new rental housing into the housing development plan, using a variety of ways to increase the effective supply of housing land lease。After the real estate development enterprises are encouraged to participate in the transformation of the industrial plant and supporting facilities transformed into rental housing, the annual payment of land revenue。In the highlight of rental housing supply and demand large and mega-cities, to carry out the construction of rental housing on the collective construction land pilot。Encourage individuals to rent their own housing law, revitalize the stock of housing resources。  Third, efforts to increase housing security (vii) solid progress in shantytowns。All localities should implement the land, taxation, and financial support policies, speed up construction projects shantytowns, strengthen infrastructure construction and public service, to ensure the completion in 2017 of 6 million sets the task of transformation of shanty towns。Efforts were 2018-20 Annual shantytowns three-year plan。Commercial housing inventory, adequate housing market tier cities, slum upgrading in order to be monetized resettlement area, avoiding duplication。  (H) to continue to develop public rental, total property room。To protect the public rental throughout the transition, the implementation of both physical security and rental subsidies, promote public rental monetization。Prominent large, mega-cities and other urban hotspots housing supply and demand, to increase public rental housing supply common property, to expand the scope of protection of public rental, multi-channel solve the housing low-income families, workers new jobs and stable employment of migrant workers problem。Make affordable housing allocation management, strengthen information disclosure and ensure equitable distribution。  Fourth, strengthen the local main responsibility (ix) implement the responsibility system for real estate。Provincial housing and urban construction, land and resources departments in accordance with the provincial governments take the overall, city and county government to grasp the real estate required to implement the responsibility system, strengthen the classification of the competent authorities of all cities and counties in the region to guide, strengthen supervision and inspection。City and county departments to implement the central authorities and provincial policies and measures specifically target the optimization of housing and land supply in the region, paths, steps and responsible, to ensure the timely realization of the objectives。Encourage active exploration around the central policy framework, the introduction of effective policies and measures。  (J) the strengthening accountability interviews。For the working poor, greater volatility in the market, did not achieve the control objectives of local, Housing and Urban Construction, Ministry of Land and Resources will be the responsibility of local authorities and interviewed people about accountability。To fabricate false, the use of technical means to adjust the relevant statistical data, strict accountability of the persons concerned; the circumstances are serious, they shall be treated in accordance with regulations serious。  People's Republic of China Ministry of Housing and Urban People's Republic of China Ministry of Land and April 1, 2017 (this part voluntarily disclosed) property market benchmark expert opinion (Original title: Housing and Urban Construction Ministry of Land and Resources recently housing and land supply management and on strengthening notice concerning the regulation of work) (editor: DF010)