Deutsche Bank: Euro 85 cents or relegated to the gap between Europe and America once in a century

Night network, nightlife net Financial News March 12 news, since mid-2014 the euro against the dollar has depreciated by 25%, most Wall Street economists expect the euro will continue to depreciate, Deutsche Bank (Deutsche Bank) is expected to We will continue to depreciate 20%。George Saravelos Deutsche Bank co-head of global currency research, said the future may be relegated to the euro 0.85 cents, the euro zone's current account surplus not only can not promote appreciation of the euro, but is conducive to the euro。  He said in an interview with "Squawk the Street" show interview: "(euro area) current account surplus is actually helping the euro。"He said:" Europe now have too much saving, too much cash。The European Central Bank [microblogging] the current policy is basically inject additional liquidity into the system, and these liquidity fee (ECB refers to negative interest rates policy – Annotation), then the capital withdrawal is the only way to deal with Europe。"The current euro exchange rate is near 12-year lows, rebounded to 1 pm Thursday.The top 06。On Monday the ECB to start quantitative easing (QE) program to stimulate the eurozone economy。  "Really, this is a once in a century event。Never before have we encountered the Fed intends to raise interest rates in coming months, while the world's second largest economy is the implementation of QE and negative interest rates unprecedented, "Saravelos case said。  He pointed out that the scale of foreign investment in Europe than Europeans foreign investment。  "This must change。Europeans need to become a net creditor rest of the world。They need to buy large amounts of foreign assets, in order to complete the adjustment process, "Saravelos case said。(Shofu compilation)