Lemonade detox efficacy woman a good helper

Many people love to eat lemon, sweet and sour very suitable for some people's taste, high nutritional value lemons containing beneficial to human health nutrients, is a very good therapeutic health food。
You can play a detoxification, body to help the body rid the body of harmful substances, to achieve the purpose of bowel health。
Lemon is also very high medicinal value, Chinese medicine has long been studied for lemons。
The effectiveness of lemonade 1: detoxification morning fasting day a large glass of lemonade detoxification method I have been using the。
This method is simple and practical, both detoxification, but also aid in weight loss, as well as the effect of it to prevent colds, but must adhere to be effective。 Lemonade can rid the body of harmful substances, whitening, detoxification, bowel, they can quench their thirst and dilute the desire to eat something, no special diet, do both。 Lemonade detox efficacy woman a good helper fresh lemon soaked in water to drink, because the vitamin content is very rich, so is beauty to share, to prevent and eliminate skin pigmentation, whitening play a role; drinking lemonade may also prevent cardiovascular disease, because lemonade can relieve calcium ions to promote blood clotting effect, so prevention and adjuvant treatment of hypertension and myocardial infarction。 2 of lemonade effect: weight loss lemon tea is not only thin, but also rich in vitamin C, is very effective in maintaining skin tone and elasticity。
Chrysanthemum tea, lotus leaf tea can hot weather, bowel, water, green tea, Pu'er tea, Longjing tea can serve as the best option。 With lemon drinks, lemonade efficacy significantly, lemon juice and honey also have their effect, but it is almost lemon tea。 Not to say ineffective lemon tea, but black tea is made by the high temperature, the active ingredient catechin in tea are destroyed, but harmful substances has increased, and tea tannins add citric acid rather heavy, have stomach problems best to avoid drinking, but were unharmed stomach, after dinner cup of lemon tea, really helps digestion。